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DO WE BELIEVE IT? Is Stevie Wonder STILL Married.....Although He's ALLEGEDLY Expecting Triplets And ENGAGED To A New Woman?

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There are good reason Stevie Wonder isn't proudly announcing the expected arrival of triplets with Tameeka Robyn Bracy....sources say he's STILL married to estranged wife Kai Milla! But do WE believe it?


A few days ago, we shared with you the unconfirmed "good" news that music icon Stevie Wonder was engaged and expecting triplets with his alleged fiancee Tameeka Robyn Bracy.  But we couldn't figure out why Tameeka wasn't waving her "Ribbon In The Sky" for all to see.  

Then we brought you a picture of a woman (identified as Tameeka) with a young child in a stroller - who had ALSO been identified as Stevie Wonder's child.  Say what now? 

How did a baby and a fiancee slip under the radar in this day an age?  We might have an answer.  Team WONDER is working hard to protect the singer's image...which MIGHT be slightly messy.  The word on the street is that Stevie is STILL legally married to his estranged wife, designer Kai Milla.

Recently, we reached out to Kai's publicist, and although Kai declined comment to TheYBF.com, a source close to Kai (identified as a family friend) revealed that Stevie and Kai are still married.  Mind you, we were made aware of the "marriage" through a source provided by Kai's publicist.  Yes...it's messy.  But we'll take it. 

Kai may not speak up for herself....but her unidentified family friends are talking!  It's their business, but you have to give Tameeka the Iyanla Vanzant "side-eye" for getting engaged to a married man AND getting pregnant by him multiple times...allegedly.  #fixyourlife












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