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SAY WHAT?! Tasha Smith’s Husband Keith Douglas Allegedly Files Restraining Order...After Tasha ALLEGEDLY Threatened Him In Drunken RAGE

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Lordt!  Addicted star Tasha Smith has to keep far away from her own husband, Keith Douglas ,after he allegedly filed a restraining order on her! Get the deets inside….

Well, this sounds like a real life Tyler Perry story.

Tasha Smith, who stars in Tyler Perry series “For Better Or Worse”, has been ordered to keep her distance from her husband (yes…husband) of almost 4 years.  Keith Douglas allegedly filed a restraining order on her!

Here’s what we know: A judge has ordered the 43-year-old actress to keep a distance of 100 yards from her husband. But get this…they still live together! So when they’re in the house she has to stay at LEAST 2 yards away. Rather than send the Addicted star packing, the judge decided to grant the restraining order with the special terms until there is a full hearing.

According to TMZ, Keith summoned his order after multiple incidents of her threatening to kill him, threatening to get other people to harm him and she allegedly told him to NOT fall asleep in their home...or else! Is this "Angela"...or Tasha?!  Chile….

To make matters worse, Tasha allegedly got hostile with him in the presence of his children (she has none biologically, but he has 5) and he was forced to leave before ish hit the fan. It's unclear how many of his children were there to witness the fiasco.

There's always 3 sides to a story (his, hers & the truth). And someone from Tasha’s camp reached out to say she doesn’t have any issues with alcohol, and his allegations are bogus. But Tasha does have a documented & admitted history of alcohol abuse.

Back in 2007, she told PEOPLE , "I was sick of myself. I was doing weed every day and drinking. I hated the way cocaine made me feel, trying to go to sleep after being up for days." Although she said she has turned to religion to fight her demons, maybe she had a slip up?

Hmm...people from Tasha's camp claims she has no issues with alcohol, but never confirmed if she was participating in these foolish activities. Time will tell....


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