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FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: Detroit Woman ACCUSED Of Walking Out On Hairstylists Before PAYING For Her Weave!

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It’s the case of a weaveburglar...allegedly! A few hairstylists in Detroit claim a woman (above) is going around getting her hair done and then jetting out the door before paying! In one instance, she was so determined to get her free weave, she supposedly left her purse behind. No chill. Get the foolywang deets inside….

Yes her hair is laid...but she allegedly didn't pay for it!

Apparently, there is a hair thief on the loose in Detroit. So, the hairstylists she has stiffed are blasting her on Instagram.

So this is how chick (whose alleged name we won't reveal) executes her plan: She comes in for her appointment, gets her hair done and when it’s time to pay, she claims she has to go to the ATM machine to get additional cash to pay the full amount. Well, chick leaves...and never returns to pay!

And get this...according to one stylist, she allegedly left her purse and jacket behind! The stylist wrote:


She also posted the weaving process:



And apparently, this isn't the first time she went "on the run". Another stylist posted:



A photo posted by Gia's Wardrobe (@giaswardrobe) on


Well, Ms. Bee's warnings didn't fall upon death ears. Detroit radio station HOT 107.5 heard about what happened and paid the young lady's debt!:



Goodmorning. I would like to thank everybody for their support and spreading the word about what happened to me. Wednesday night I prayed about it and let it go so I could positively get back to work Thursday Morning. God has really been working this situation out. I wish nothing bad on the young woman who is doing this. I hope she learns a lesson because stealing isn't cool at all. I Want to apologize to the other stylist this has happen to as well. I want to thank HOT 107.5 THE HEAT MORNING SHOW FOR CONTACTING ME THIS MORNING AND SUPPORTING ME THEY ALSO SAID THEY WOULD PAY JESSICAS DEBT GOD IS SO GOOD TO GOOD PEOPLE. I was working all day yesterday so I couldn't respond to the 1,000 ++++ messages, calls, emails etc. But TTTTHHHHHAAANNNKKKK YOU DETROIT AND EVERYBODY FOR STANDING UP FOR NOT JUST ME, BUT WHATS RIGHT & HAIR STYLIST AS A WHOLE. I LOVE YALL & APPRECIATE YALL

A photo posted by Elite Virgin Hair 3134450109 (@msbree_hairstyles) on



Well that was sweet. Hopefully, this young lady learns her lesson (if true) before she rolls up on the wrong one...just sayin'.


Photos: @msbree_hairstyles/@giaswardrobe

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