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The Church Of God In Christ THREATENS Andrew Caldwell With Legal Action, STOP Selling "I'm Not Gay No More" SINGLE!

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Andrew Caldwell has been threatened with a lawsuit from the Church of God In Christ.  Find out why they want him to pull his new single "I'm Not Gay No More".  Deets inside...


Remember Andrew Caldwell? Of course you do. He was "deliverdt" from homosexuality and his declaration flooded your social media timelines. Now, he's facing a lawsuit from the Church of God In Christ (COGIC) because he's selling a single on iTunes, Google and Amazon named "Im Not Gay No More."

The COGIC legal team argues that they OWN the audio (Andrew's famous speech was recorded during a COGIC conference) and they want Andrew to stop selling the single as it makes a mockery of the service...at least that's how they view it.  On the other side of the argument, Andrew says he's copyrighted the song and since it's his voice, only he can claim ownership.


If this does make it to court, we wonder if Andrew will come out with a line of courtroom bow-ties too.




Photo via Andrew Caldwell's Instagram

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