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EMAILGATE: SONY Execs SLAM President Obama & Kevin Hart In LEAKED Emails, Kevin RESPONDS To Being Called A "Money Whore"

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Both President Obama and Kevin Hart were slammed in a series of emails written by SONY execs that were leaked online!  Get the deets on the "expose" inside and read Kevin's response.


NOTHING is safe in the cloud!  Or anywhere else in the internet world.  NOTHING!  First, Hollywood was taken by a series of leaked celebrity nudes, now hackers are dipping into Microsoft Outlook, Aol, Yahoo, Gmail and maybe even Hotmail to expose the intimate conversations of some very powerful SONY execs.

Where YBF folks are concerned, a few SONY execs have been busted for making some some negative and racist comments about President Obama and comedian Kevin Hart.  One even called Kevin a money whore!

On President Obama:  Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal and movie producer Scott Rudin mocked President Obama’s movie preferences in an exchange.  It went like this:

Pascal: “What should I ask the president at this stupid Jeffrey breakfast?”
Rudin: “Would he like to finance some movies.”
Pascal: “I doubt it. Should I ask him if he liked DJANGO?”
Rudin: “12 YEARS.” ("12 Years a Slave)” depicted the abuse suffered by a free black man forced into slavery.
Pascal: “Or the butler. Or think like a man? [sic]”
Rudin: “Ride-along. I bet he likes Kevin Hart.”

Interestingly, Amy was a donor for Obama's re-election campaign, giving the individual max of $5000.  But we guess she had tons of other better and more important things to do than have breakfast with the leader of the free world.

After the exchange went viral, Amy quickly issued an apology:

“Private emails between friends and colleagues written in haste and without much thought or sensitivity, even when the content of them is meant to be in jest, can result in offense where none was intended,”


On Kevin Hart: One SONY exec was pissed that Kevin Hart wouldn't promote their film on Twitter, deeming him their own "whore". The "alleged" exchange...that is backed up with plenty of proof...was between Amy (of course) and studio exec Clint Culpepper, and Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton. The whore comment was made by Clint Culpeppr. In case you missed it yesterday, it went like this:

"It's not as if we paid him 3M and 4M respectively for his last 2 films thinking he might be nominated. We paid for his ability to open a film which included his social media savvy. I feel like this is something that should be negotiated going into the film as opposed to after the fact. It feels tantamount to buying a car and then upon picking it up being told that the engine will cost extra. I'm tempted to suggest we call his bluff. If he doesn't do his normal routine, his film will not open as well and his brand will appear diminished and he will- in fact - be fucking himself because we have his next 2 immediate films. And then there's the social media precedent we're setting...especially in light of the fact that Channing [Tatum] is at the same agency....."I'm not saying he's a whore, but he's a whore."

Kevin responded to the "whore" comment on Instagram saying,

 photo kevinagfvfffe.png


Tell 'em Kev!


Photos via Kevin's Facebook/Kevin's Instagram

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