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RUMOR CONTROL: Nick Cannon CONFIRMS He Will NOT Be Dissing Mariah Carey On New Album

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Nick Cannon is clapping back at rumors that he would be divulging secrets about his failed marriage to Mariah Carey. Find out what he said inside….

Since it was announced Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey were ending their "fairytale" marriage, all types of rumors began circulating as to why the twosome broke up. Neither Nick or Mariah confirmed why they decided to go their separate ways, but now Nick is clapping back at a new rumor about his pending divorce.

Word on the curb is that the “America’s Got Talent” host has returned to the studio for an upcoming album. Last week, producer/”Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star Mally Mall revealed he has been the studio with Nick to work on a few tracks. But he also dished on the some of the content for the upcoming LP. Mally Mall revealed the rapper/host will be referencing his estranged wife on some songs and that there will be "a lot of controversy" once its released to the masses.

Word got back to Nick and now he’s deading rumors that he would be referencing Mimi or anything about of his personal life on wax. In a stream of Twitter posts, the comedian/actor confirmed he won't be saying ANYTHING negative about Mariah and that he hopes we all can move pass the negativity for the new year.

He tweeted:







We can say Nick hasn’t bashed Mariah in the least bit…as of yet. We’re sure Mimi would have preferred he kept his mouth shut about their uncoupling. But once the cat was out of the bag, he has yet to say anything negative about his estranged wife (other than being concerned for her mental state). We’re rooting for these two to keep the peace for Dem Babies’ sake.


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