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HAIR ENVY: Kenya Moore Shows Off Her Long Luscious Tresses To Promote 'Moore Hair Care' Products

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Kenya Moore is kicking off the new year in the entrepreneurial spirit. The reality star shows off her luscious locks in a new video, which she credits to her Moore Hair Care products. Check out Ms. Twirl giving us hair envy inside….

It’s a new year and one “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star is kicking her business ventures into gear with her new hair care line.

Kenya Moore is launching Moore Hair Care Products in which the company's main goal is to help strengthen and nourish your real hair. And to prove her products are the real deal, she posted a video of her real hair results after using her products:


A video posted by Kenya Moore (@thekenyamoore) on


She announced, "Hello #2015 to all my ladies who are frustrated with the health or length of their hair #moorehaircare products can help you achieve your hair goals. I now have waist length hair by using my own hair care products to strengthen and nourish your real hair so that it's stronger and can grow longer. Sign up at kenyamoore.com to receive samples when they ship next month. #moorehaircare available March 2015! #longhairjourney #naturalhair #noweave #realhair #allhairtypes #luxuryhaircare".

The former Pantene spokeswoman has always been known for her fabulous unrelaxed hair, so we're totally here for her products. 


A few months ago...

 photo kenyahair2.png

 photo kenyahair3.png

The former Miss USA beauty queen posted an update on her hair growth journey. Kenya's hair is gorgeous and we're pretty much sold on the products (she's can blow a bunch of hot air into many things but that hair isnt one.), But we're not totally sold on the hair products being the SOLE reason her hair grows to long lengths and looks so healthy. Genetics definitely plays a role. But everyone should have a good hair care routine regardless.

Her products should be hitting shelves (or online) March 2015.  You feelin' it?



Photos: Kenya's IG




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