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Porsha Williams RELEASES Statement On Arrest, BAILS OUTS And BALLS OUT In Fort Lauderdale For New Year's

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 photo porshateserefdf.jpg

"RHOA" party girl Porsha Williams bailed out of jail and hit the New Year's Eve prty scene....hard!  Check out the "Dish Nation" co-host letting the good times roll inside....

 photo eb7fSa14EGZ7Tz8PIhE0ldkf-DdX1ygbqweowyLeNFQvtsght8Zy-OEDBtQUDlcbza0-fcixFDGuyttCVkKjpY0zs8DHDyiqxXluogX1wpc9lvysf3TjWrwO2WQCvDXqw2c1oVBi.jpg

A few days ago "Dish Nation" hostess Porsha Williams was jailed for driving on a suspended license.  And what do you think she did and soon as she got released?  If you answered "Go to the club", you're wrong for that!  And shady.  That was actually her second move. 

The first thing she did was release a statement about the arrest, and allude to her ill grandfather being the reason for her wreckless driving.  Her actual statement reads,

"I was headed to visit my grandfather who is very ill with cancer in the hospital, and I was pulled over. I was wrong for speeding absolutely and apologize for putting anyone at risk. I tried to explain the situation to the officer and show him that all my paperwork was in order, but he refused. Handcuffs are not comfortable or a good look for anyone. I was released, I have my license, my car, and my freedom."


Porsha bailed out of jail in GA and headed to her publicist's wedding before eventually winding up in Fort Lauderdale where she partied at the Marriott Pompano Beach Resort & Spa for New Year's.

 photo wYPtOYLfFSQ1iEuzjdOKq71QpZ-EvUNZUNLyR7XObAMrvdxkvJgh-akxKZuvs4EbJx4cO06jqn_uttfe53lhBwyb07bE6QKb_h9SonGcZheqDqzF-S4VB3aPFVAfHWWZw.jpg

 photo jVJc-rHfTmg2aSck8cJyviznwUzSHGXjbEHdnc9-nb89ORL-_UwhAHZqT-6RkVr-JUd5ruJjIx0Ef34sIeBS7wjpScq9WnlQP_OsFBQyy6Dh0MrhK_C1_31iQxw28Vj4Qd_Clh9Q.jpg

The party bus included her sister Lauren Williams and Miko Grimes (who’s married to Miami Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes) celeb stylist Bradley Moreland (zebra jacket) and his fiancé Luis Miller.

 photo dK5p5OS-2OqQSlo7mxUvQC6itMukHEP6MywVzrHIli0MhW9q5gvfZ-q0S3bymyFFoVkB2uPalXKzRrOEyORgvIxncN0zdBbeaaX5XDDIvOhZZw2qIGGjJwGs--qmmKXToZyFxU4J.jpg

 photo nfClqGSN091slLV9rW81yaCA3MxOGeTfeBpBPYyrQZQ.jpg

 photo CcdwysS1KlO3Hl_iEjBp-vd7qvCH31aKyMFBRuGC3QkDkIvcYq8ZYjceQC9snKVvPWfKAc2qoq4Lqq-cUeTeXYJ6np6U77yyUavxRz8Q6oPaIHUgB_YWCAJX2ZCjFkqkk.jpg

 photo rSNk2MKUGILyay_d3uNQxZ2PLdNRliC37vUq9rO0vvI3BugI8H43obnjqCppHPe5xKa3kbvvpxUOBFm2nGP3FA7fLX39Q9BoCrb1XPvS5PpVYksByJ5oPhcFihI5SSTtENM4pKAN.jpg

 photo FbUnm0NOufxsy-HV2GVmESEHbszj2Z8dExLF8qLFH3cRfcTdpE-UsGoWRkby1WbjOfeYii1I2g9ph14eXUaQbwoo8Ok3-XHIKnBzqJPUtjpkBfZBhlNvnK0fyPMV2haV4vGuURuf.jpg

Porsha was clearly unbothered by that arrest:

 photo yxFSYo87O9qw6yaRRSG02DdrZLItl7pfJBHGyGvkCwY_Ex17uJN4pYILSASJQrV-5-dBhcfebAHpKgT6ge0IEwjaMQ2qHJFZLdPpuXrZ9mb33ZDhSoEaPZAlq0RnvQHzwhbVuGv3.jpg   photo Zec-LNUD3djTIONAIp_a68MQG2ZQkyWkmnthv9ysdfcsKFeZtUIajzjHaQ8elYeD3yAhANGropFtsIXR5dil-AtlkwllmLH4MR-6miJuBxlzAnmDPiz4cB-TlQW7kzMkkMrW5Xnn.jpg

 photo AtAhcRU0FrW33K8-1jLgcYlcokGUKYmTt5IeHCjrvBIZvsxL6T5Szd73Nby-iugXdfnKN7OErvV3HY7LAMZ34wS_UrHuqPVZkefoHOscR_7rj8ogFNBSPuV84-ICJZYv4DbL7EDM.jpg

 photo FBsZcOOcUyvo_JhZYRkPudKywRFXssjql0UNkhWM1pgowHHYb-YpVHeLd5JJAG-bB-iU9QKd_TygtvE4V_XUVMHkAzSOiVhqfblHrU_9gbPAjVAQIuNLnA1SjPt9NjyskPiguU--.jpg   photo MBkuqgfvgk4O5JfMgxSIUAgRFiHsDvoBJZmajy-t3q8WWXXnq2YHJyX4BoCJGWBYDlu2nyjef61WpCbXCx_Dw80o3tihcnpdUAWi6AeeO-7ewp3jNvV_ls-tA8LtG9xcw0-AuOCy.jpg   

The party don't stop.....


Photos via Organic Moments Photography

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