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INTERVIEWS: J. Cole SPEAKS On His Scuffle With Diddy, Staying Out Of Drake’s Lane & Why He Made That Trip To Ferguson

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J. Cole doesn’t do many interviews these days but when he does, he’s dropping jewels. Find out what he dished about when he and Diddy had a disagreement in the club, staying out Drake’s lane musically, why he decided to visit Ferguson during the the height of social unrest and more inside...

Nowadays, J. Cole is making a conscious effort not to become overexposed in our social media driven world. Which in part explains why he decided to release his newest LP, 2014 Forest Hills Drive with hardly any promotion or dropping any singles before its release.

In an in-depth and very insightful interview with the Combat Jack Show, Cole revealed how when he first landed on the music scene, he did interviews for two years talking about his debut album before the album even dropped. So now, he refuses to go back to that and is trying to focus on what he does best: make storytelling rap tracks that reach audiences on a deeper level.

During his two-hour chat, the N.C. native talked about using the home he grew up in (which he recently purchased) as a safe haven for families in need. His goal is to house single mothers and their kids in that house rent-free for two years to help get them back on their feet.  We are loving every bit of that.

The Roc Nation rapper also talked about that night he and Diddy got into a scuffle after a disagreement, consciously staying out of Drake’s lane musically, why he decided to visit Ferguson during the protests and being the voice of his generation.

Below are the highlights:

On what happened that eventful night with Diddy:
“Nothing crazy but you know Puff is that dude. It was just like a random thing. Nothing crazy at all. It was just a quick moment of disagreement that turned into something. It’s never been a beef. Two grown men. It was too quick to be considered a fight.

On staying out of Drake's lane while creating his own:
“I’m not going to go out trying to compete with Drake on every album. I’m not gone catch up with that n*gga. He’s doin things that I can’t and don’t need to do. He is focused on his lane and he has mastered it. Why would I ever try to dip into his lane? Let me do the best me I can do and let God handle the rest.”

On why he decided to visit Ferguson:
He said he was watching the live streams on Ferguson and was like, “Yo, I can be there right now. I can experience this and tell my kids about this”.

On being an “activist”:
“When 'Flava of Love' came out and this whole reality show wave started, I was the kid in college like ‘Why the f*ck y’all watching this sh*t? Y’all know this shit is evil. How they going to call this reality tv when this sh*t is clearly scripted and they portraying us like this. The stereotypes are obvious.' I was always that kid that was like ‘Why is it like this?’ Now that I’m getting older, I’m understanding that is one thing to have that passion, but I’m trying to arm myself with the knowledge and prospective to grasp where we really at. Knowledge is power. I see that. Young, black men have power. We are in control of our own destiny. We can decide to no longer be victims.”

On police brutality:
“Those are people. The system has given them power. You’re giving a person with flaws and their own bias unchecked power. So that could be a good person, he just has this level of power and power corrupts”.

On being the voice of his generation:
“I’ll take it until it’s not necessary. I can’t run from that. I feel like I’m the most equipped right now in this position. And if people need me to be that, to be the voice, I’ll do my best”.

Love him! Check his entire video below:



Photo: @ByronSummers

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