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Gabrielle Union Looks Fresh Faced Upon L.A. Arrival, Rumored To Have NOT Filed Marriage License Yet?!

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Is "Being Mary Jane" star Gabrielle Union OFFICIALLY married to baller Dwyane Wade? If so....the state of Florida isn't aware of the nuptials, this acording to the Miami Dade County Marriage Clerk. More inside....

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Whille "Mary Jane" is trying to chase down a husband (or two) on BET, Gabrielle Union -- who recently landed in LAX (above) fresh from her promo tour -- has snagged one.  But she isn't claiming him...on paper. We'll explain......

Although we all saw Gabby marry her baller husband Dwyane Wade (revisit the glam pics) in a reported multi-million dollar wedding, no one at the courthouse knows about it.

Some nosy people (not us...this time) went digging in the state file and found out that there's no record of the Union/Wade marriage. It's been six months!  SMH....Mary Jane would have filed her certificate MINUTES after saying "I do."

Miami-Dade County marriage license manager Roberto Reboso said to Gossip Extra,

“We know they’re married from what they said on TV. And they obtained a marriage license before the ceremony. But they still haven’t returned the licensed signed by the person who officiated the ceremony. So their marriage has not been recorded by the state.”

Why is this an issue? Well....Floridians are asked to send the signed license back to the county to make it official within 10 days of the ceremony. Ooopps.

“It happens that some people don’t send it back. But in case of legal problems, or if one of members of a couple were to die, the other would not be able to claim his or her property.”

This could all be a simple case of a clerical error.  Or maybe one of their dogs ate the license.  Either way, Gabby may want to get on that paperwork done before SioVaughn pops back up on the scene....


Check out more shots from Gabby's airport walk-through here. 

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Cute look.




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