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Cassie, NeNe Leakes, Christina Milian, Quincy, Bryshere Y. Gray & More Join Naomi Campbell's Fashion For Relief

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 photo NaomiCampbellTackleEbolaNaomiCampbellsv0twS3iRiSl_zps9f2cdb1b.jpg

Naomi Campbell is in her 10th year of her Fashion For Relief Charity.  And last night she brought out the stars to walk the runway for a cause.  Check he pics inside...


 photo NaomiCampbellNaomiCampbellFashionReliefYuMx_Ny3oubl_zps3d2c10a5.jpg

She's always a stunner!  Supermodel Naomi Campbell announced that her Fashion For Relief Campaign's latest project is to help raise vital funds and awareness towards the fight against Ebola.  Her charity organization started back in 2005 in order to mobilize the fashion industry to support important causes through fashion shows and special events.

 photo NaomiCampbellFashionReliefCharityFashionx3SYdY4nD9pl_zpsd60737fc.jpg

So yesterday at the Lincoln Center, she tapped her fashionable friends to walk the runway to raise funds and awareness.

 photo NaomiCampbellFashionReliefCharityFashion5WDh2MHl3u0l_zpse8fd97f6.jpg

 photo NaomiCampbellFashionReliefCharityFashion7Uejbsf1SEIl_zps6c757ac2.jpg

June Ambrose in her golden Tom Ford t-shirt dress made a splash at the event alongside former ELLE creative director Joe Zee.

 photo NaomiCampbellFashionReliefCharityFashion6WoeKo_NOFzl_zps92f162e6.jpg

NeNe Leakes tapped into her sexy side with this black high slit dress.

 photo NaomiCampbellFashionReliefCharityFashionuZeQSKY9qCll_zpsbaa5ba9e.jpg

Rosario Dawson kept it chic in a black & white ensemble.

 photo AdrienneBailonNaomiCampbellFashionReliefWMupSCksTs6l_zps3aa99a26.jpg

"The Real" co-hosts Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Bailon looked fab on the carpet.

 photo NaomiCampbellFashionReliefCharityFashionq0zmwzkdiFjl_zps8f449d26.jpg

Loving this look on the soon-to-be Mrs. Lenny Santiago. 


 photo NaomiCampbellFashionReliefCharityFashion3HGX1zdgWGyl_zps440fc153.jpg 

 photo NaomiCampbellFashionReliefCharityFashiona9NmJ2nLqWPl_zps1ba01b87.jpg

Also rocking the all white trend, "Today" show and MSNBC host Tamron Hall kept it fab in a pantsuit.

 photo NaomiCampbellFashionReliefCharityFashion03HkUEIydXQl_zps14f232ed.jpg

Christina Milian hopped on the all white bandwagon in a tuxedo jacket and heels as she posed it up with her sister and "Christina Turned Up" co-star Liz.

 photo NaomiCampbellFashionReliefCharityFashionkshfflthZIyl_zps51a16c7c.jpg

 photo NaomiCampbellFashionReliefCharityFashionluzc8wsdB7Jl_zpsec0ec695.jpg

Quincy was there too posing it up with the ladies.

 photo NaomiCampbellFashionReliefCharityFashionMO5At8mtfnhl_zps4cec7834.jpg

Watch out Quincy...Viv likes 'em young.

 photo NaomiCampbellFashionReliefCharityFashionnlptEvm_xfYl_zps13fc8803.jpg

Vivica Fox whipped out her fur for the occasion.


 photo NaomiCampbellFashionReliefCharityFashion_74-ZyhBFW7l_zps12be24ed.jpg  

And J. Alexander was there flaunting his model walk.

 photo NaomiCampbellFashionReliefCharityFashionZt3z73gWsj3l_zps644e8ff3.jpg

Backstage, Naomi caught up with Quincy, Kelly Osbourne, Bethann Hardison, and Lewis Hamilton.

 photo NaomiCampbellFashionReliefCharityFashionmpRbQOu40HZl_zpsd21ae71d.jpg

Even Justin Bieber.

 photo NaomiCampbellNaomiCampbellFashionReliefj9Ae-du8UhSl_zps9340fddd.jpg

And looky looky.  Naomi's "Empire" star Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray) was there giving "mama" kisses.  Ha!


 photo NaomiCampbellFashionReliefCharityFashionAJb6nisqLCnl_zps6faa8274.jpg

 photo NaomiCampbellFashionReliefCharityFashionMO5dPbflvbWl_zpsd5841cad.jpg 

 photo NaomiCampbellFashionReliefCharityFashionzE2pPVQpnz0l_zps1fda0cb6.jpg

And Tyson Beckford put his modeling skills to good use too.

Out on the catwalk:

 photo CassieNaomiCampbellFashionReliefCharitykvehu1Uw6SBl_zps83414e26.jpg

Cassie finally exercised her modeling skills.  And so did the pros:


 photo NaomiCampbellFashionReliefCharityFashiondyOgqgsQDu_l_zps62ce7716.jpg

 photo NaomiCampbellFashionReliefCharityFashionpLhCXHR2Hunl_zpsc752fcc6.jpg

 photo NaomiCampbellFashionReliefCharityFashionwIDqwXvB3E9l_zps2f941933.jpg

Bryshere is looking good on that catwalk.  Newfound passion for him maybe?

 photo NaomiCampbellFashionReliefCharityFashion6UgjVExcQTil_zpse620c2af.jpg

Fab times for a cause!


Photos: Getty

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