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INTERVIEWS: Damon Dash Explains WHY He Sued Lee Daniels, Why He & Jay Z Can’t Be Friends & Reuniting With Kanye West

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Damon Dash gets candid in a recent interview with Sway Calloway where he talks about his $25 million lawsuit against director Lee Daniels, linking back up with Kanye West, his current relationship with his former business partner Jay Z and more. Get it all inside….

Damon Dash is on the promo trail for his new movie/web series Loisaidas (executive produced by Kanye West). And recently, he sat down with radio host Sway Calloway for yet another raw and uncut discussion on a number of things, including lawsuits, beefs and creating his own lane in the entertainment industry.  We're always here for these types of tell-alls.

SIDENOTE: Before we get into the interview, we must address his missing tooth! A few months ago, Dame posted the pic above and explained he actually pulled his own tooth out. He said, "I just pulled my motherf*cking tooth out @doctorapa get at me these shits cost to much for that" Lordt...

The street savvy entrepreneur explained why he filed a $25 million lawsuit against "Empire" creator Lee Daniels. And it all boils down to not getting his paper!

Dame said he put up $2 million for a film project, but never received his money back. Dame and Lee then made a deal that would allow Dame to get paid on any other project Lee was working on until he got his money back. But, Dame said once the film Precious dropped, Lee went “missing.” He said they finally spoke caught up with one another and Lee was supposed to put Dame on “Empire.” That never happened, so Dame took him to court. He said he sued for $25 million because of the interest that accrued over 10 years.  Damn!

Dame said he’s a businessman, so he has no problems going to court. In fact, he likes it. He said its therapy for him.

His thoughts on Hollywood? “F*ck Hollywood!”

The former Roc-A-Fella honcho spoke about re-teaming with Kanye West and presenting Ye with the Visionary Award at this year’s BET Honor Awards. He said he just needs Kanye to do for him what he did for him back in the day. He then broke down why he dropped Ye from Roc-A-Fella Records. It was because they didn’t agree on the way Ye’s career was going. But now, the two have let bygones be bygones and are working on making money together. He said, “As a culture, we just need to stick together.”

We can't disagree with that!

The Harlem native then talked about his relationship with his former business partner Jay Z. He said:

“I don’t have a beef with Jay. I never did. We just approach business different. We’re gentlemen, we’re men. Just because we don’t agree with a man, cause you black, doesn’t mean you have to fight and argue, you have a different perspective.”

Dame then went on to explain WHY he and Jay can't be friends. He said he read about his affiliation with informants (including people Jay does business with), and he said he can’t have anything to do with that. He said that scares him, so he just stays in his own lane. “I can’t f*ck with him at all because that’s how I was raised," said Dame.

Remember when Jim Jones BLASTED Dame on Instagram? Well, Dame chatted about why he popped off, but gave very little insight. He revealed Jim was heated over a personal situation and that's why he went off the way he did, but he still has love for him. Dame said he looks at him like a brother, he simply has to love him from a distance. So why did Jim go off? "You would have to ask him," said Dame.

He also talked about being sued by rapper Curren$y, his “beef” with Beanie Siegel, tax woes, starting his own Netflix, buying his own professional football team and more.

Check it in full below:

You can catch Dame's film Loisaidas here.


Photo: Dame's IG

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