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2015 BET AWARDS ROUNDUP: The Funniest Memes Of The Night + Diddy's Fall (VIDEO) + Backstage And Audience Pics...

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 photo betmemes13.png

We've got a roundup of the funniest memes from the 2015 BET AWARDS.  Get your laugh on inside and see snapshots from the audience and behind the scenes...

We've scanned Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to find the funniest social media memes lampooning the 2015 BET AWARDS.  From Tamar Braxton's makeup fail, to Diddy fall and Nicki Minaj's acceptance speech.....we've got it all here.  Let's begin with perhaps the most epic moment of the evening:  Diddy's fall.  He actually joked about it on Instagram saying,

"I was getting so loose I fell! LOL, but really though I busted my ass! #finnaGetLoose #AppleMusic ... Puff Daddy & The Family feat @pharrell ... IF YOU EVER FALL DOWN, get your ass up and FIGHT!!!!!!! But really though, I crack up every time I see this shit! It's like I fucking disappeared. HAAAAAA!!!! I was scared as fuck but I had to get up! #BADBOY #BadBoyFAMILY #WORLDTOUR #ComingtoaCityNearYou #WeLikeHavingFun"


A video posted by Sean Diddy Combs (@iamdiddy) on


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 photo betmemes8.png


Another watercooler moment was Nicki's acceptance speech for the Viewer's Choice Award for "Only." It was part TED-talk...part shade fest.


There were some funny on-stage moments....

 photo betmemes19.png

 photo betmemes18.png

 photo betmemes15.png

 photo betmemes16.png  


Jokes about upcoming music releases...

 photo betmemes2.png

 photo betmemes12.png

 photo betmemes6.png

 photo betmemes17.png


Ex-boyfriends in distress....

 photo betmemes9.png

 photo betmemes11.png



 photo betmemes3.png

 photo betmemes10.png



And questionable fashion choices...

 photo betmemes5.png

 photo bfun.jpg

 photo afun.jpg



And don't forget to click on the photo gallery to see pics from behind the scenes...



Memes Via Twitter/Instagram/Facebook

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