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Thou Protesteth Too Much? Jordin Spark's Boyfriend Sage The Gemini DELETES His Social Media Following Cheating Accusations

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Earlier today, rapper Sage The Gemini quit Instagram and Twitter after rumors surfaced that he was cheating (or at least flirting) with girls OTHER than his pop princess girlfriend Jordin Sparks. Read his social media "kiss off" inside...

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Maybe he believes in "preventative measures" or perhaps he has something to hide, but fans of Sage The Gemini will have to keep up with him on platforms other than Twitter/Instagram. Why?

Sage deleted his social media after rumors begin to swirl that he tried to “holla” at a girl on Twitter. SMH......did those DMs get the best of him?  But not so fast. Sage claims the chick in question was just really crafty with Photoshop.

So.....how do we handle this?  Sage is sure this will never happen again, because he's OFF Twitter. He woke up this morning, logged on and said to hell with it all.

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But wait.....there's more....

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Congrats to Sage for protecting Jordin's heart...but umm...you don't need social media to step out on a relationship. Now....if he really wants to prove something to us Jordin, he could maybe start rocking a "chastity" belt and penile restraints.  Just saying......there's a whole "50 Shades Of Grey" lane for that.



Photos via Sage The Gemini

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