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Future Explains Why He Never Married Ciara, Says She Was Shady & Kicked Him Off Her Album + Ciara Responds

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Rapper/producer Future opens up about his failed relationship with songstress Ciara in a candid clip, citing her "need" for an E! News wedding and refusal to work with him on her album as factors that spilled their doom.  Watch it inside and see Ciara's response...

In a new mini-doc/interview published online, Future opens up about his life, career and the failure of his relationship with Ciara.  He explains that the romance became too much.  He was never comfortable with the group she surrounded herself with (Kim & LaLa?) or the media attention on their lives.  He also felt like she threw him shade after they had a #1 record with "Body Party." 

Here are the highlights:

What he told Ciara about why he wouldn't marry her (3:10):

I want to marry you but can't have no big wedding.  On E! News. I can't have all these big ass media outlets cover my wedding and I'm not comfortable. I'm not even comfortable with the people in here.  I'm not comfortable where I'm at in my career.  I'm not comfortable about compromising - being the person that I am - being the man I am.  I feel like my better judgement is to go back to record and make better music...(3:57) I felt like I knew what I was doing...I said it.

On Ciara shading him and kicking him off her album (after Body Party's success):

She was pregnant and she started working on her next album. Me and Mike Will finished the album before the album she just dropped [referring to ‘Ciara].

She didn’t want us to be a part of it at first. Like damn, we just came off a No. 1, and you go straight to Dr. Luke and start working with him? You go right back to the pop lane after we get a little steam?

We shouldn’t do that. We should’ve just finished what we started. You know what I’m sayin’? Go back into that ‘Body Party’ lane and give the fans what they want. That’s what they want from you. Like, let’s give them that and let it cross over to pop — instead of trying to chase that crowd.

But she was like ‘nah, I wanna record it this way.’ So me and Mike Will didn’t even get a chance to work on that album.”

Sounds like he was ego-hurt over Ciara making her own music decisions that may or may not have included him, and maybe Future thought she owed him something.  Ego-hurtness always spills into other areas....

Check out the interview below:


Future's interview went live on his VEVO site yesterday, and it didn't take long for Ciara (who's now dating Russell Wilson) to respond. She said,

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It's interesting to note that Future never cites cheating or groupies or baby mommas as factors that destroyed their relationship. Tsk tsk.


Photo via Ciara's Twitter

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