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Usher, Ludacris, Da Brat & More Get Live At ATL 'Straight Outta Compton' VIP Screening

  photo STRAIGHTOUTTACOMPTONVIPScreeningDirectorE7lnCAQd7ljl.jpg

The cast of "Straight Outta Compton" continued their promo tour across North America with a VIP screening that brought out chart-toppers Usher and Ludacris. More inside...

Following positive reviews in Detroit, the cast of Straight Outta Compton booked a few flights and headed to Atlanta for a Q-N-A and private screening at the Regal Atlantic Station....just hours after they made an appearance in Miami. Ice Cube and his son O'shea Jackson led the discussion...

 photo IceCubeStraightOuttaComptonVIPScreeningchD3S1SojOll.jpg

 photo StraightOuttaComptonVIPScreeningDirectoreB_OwNkLTIsl.jpg

 photo StraightOuttaComptonVIPScreeningDirectorEh_eMll2D5ll.jpg

Hey O'shea!  Looking just like your daddy....

 photo StraightOuttaComptonVIPScreeningDirectorP1hgvO1HwyIl.jpg

While the Detroit showing brought out Big Sean, the ATL screening had several heavy hitters sitting alongside director F. Gary Gray and the cast.

 photo STRAIGHTOUTTACOMPTONVIPScreeningDirector4nCTiwDJ73tl.jpg

In addition to the cast and crew (O'Shea Jackson Jr., F. Gary Gray, Ice Cube, Jason Mitchell, and Corey Hawkins) we spotted Usher, Ludacris, Mayor Kasim Reed and director Will Packer.

 photo STRAIGHTOUTTACOMPTONVIPScreeningDirectorIkg651WAoD5l.jpg

 photo StraightOuttaComptonVIPScreeningDirectorSovjq7-OdhWl.jpg

We've just learned that Usher will appear on an upcoming episode of "Oprah's Masterclass".  He taped the segment three days ago.  It'll be interesting to see the lessons he's learned from his first marriage and divorce.

 photo IceCubeStraightOuttaComptonVIPScreeningPbgYTi5paRQl.jpg

It looks like Luda enjoyed the movie.  We peeped him congratulating Ice Cube.

 photo STRAIGHTOUTTACOMPTONVIPScreeningDirector4uVk4okiNGzl.jpg

Da Brat, who recently signed on for the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, was on hand to support the cast.

 photo STRAIGHTOUTTACOMPTONVIPScreeningDirectorISpAuugL_Dcl.jpg

We're sure rapper and political activist David Banner had some interesting commentary about the film.

 photo STRAIGHTOUTTACOMPTONVIPScreeningDirectoryzotOCbprgAl.jpg 

Producer Polow da Don didn't let an injury stop him from enjoying the festivities.

 photo STRAIGHTOUTTACOMPTONVIPScreeningDirector0Id_FJMcwL1l.jpg

"LAHH ATL" star Lil Scrappy took time out of blasting his baby's mother Erica Dixon on social media to catch the screening. He posed with Jason Mitchell, who portrays Easy-E.

 photo STRAIGHTOUTTACOMPTONVIPScreeningDirectorcVkFP-33lH4l.jpg

Former "friend" of the "RHOA" Marlo Hampton was out and about being fabulous.

 photo STRAIGHTOUTTACOMPTONVIPScreeningDirectorhfinagu6Aw1l.jpg

Rapper B.o.B "prayed" for a role in the sequel....Straight Outta Buckhead maybe?



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Photos via Paras Griffin




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