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Did Tanisha Thomas Already Leave "Crazy Talk"?!

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“Crazy Talk” is a new show on OXYGEN. But, word on the curb is that Tanisha Thomas may have already been AXED from the show. Decide if you believe it inside…

So we have a bit of tea we'd like to spill today. We’re hearing reality starlet Tanisha Thomas has already left the brand new show “Crazy Talk.”  In fact, she MAY have possibly gotten fired.

Let’s bring you up to speed a bit…

Tanisha Thomas rose to reality world fame when she first appeared on the hit OXYGEN show “Bad Girls Club.” She was the loud mouth, tell-it-like it is, no filter chick that didn’t take any crap from anyone. She quickly became a fan favorite and went on to host several reunion shows. "Pop Off Son!"

Since then, she has appeared on a few other reality shows (“Tanisha Gets Married,” “Marriage Boot Camp’”), and also recently earned a spot as a co-host on OXYGEN’s new show that premiered in September titled, “Crazy Talk.”  She's also changed her image for the good. She still has a little fiestiness in her, but as she would say, the Lord isn't through with her yet.

On the nationally syndicated series, Tanisha and her co-host Ben Aaron inject their raw and hilarious banter into some of the most outrageous and most watched clips from reality television shows and around the Internet.

Sounds good right?

Well it was…up until recently. Supposedly.

Sources tell us that Tanisha was ALLEGEDLY fired on the set of “Crazy Talk” at Stamford Media Center in Connecticut recently. Oh?

So what happened? Was the show cancelled? Nope, the show has NOT been cancelled, but Tanisha is supposedly no longer apart of it. The reason? We hear she didn’t fit the demographic they want to reach for the show. 

Hmm...Did they not have that figured out before hiring her? Hmph.

We noticed a fan snapped a pic with her for social media on the set a few weeks ago.  The fan revealed it was one of her last shows.  Also, the show's Twitter account and new promo pics now only show Ben as the host.

So either the parting was amicable, or she got the axe.

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IF this is true, Tanisha hasn’t said anything about it, nor has OXYGEN. We've reached out to show producers and Tanisha's team with no response.

Guess we will just have to wait and see....

By the way, she looks FABULOUS these days.


Photo: OXYGEN/Tanisha's IG

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