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Chris Brown Films New Music Video & Announces New Documentary + Keri Hilson Says She Has No Idea Who Put Out That Music News Of Hers

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 photo ChrisBrownChrisBrownDJBennyBenassiFilmWqtaOPgOpiHl.jpg

Chris Brown is cooking up new visuals for a new video. Peep his set pics and get the deets on his upcoming documentary.

Also, Keri Hilson says the new music she's supposedly releasing is not official. Get the deets inside...

Vogue it out then Chris!

Chris Breezy was spotted rocking an all denim outfit filming a new music video in Santa Monica, California recently having some fun on bike:

 photo ChrisBrownChrisBrownDJBennyBenassiFilm0UkAun6SNYtl.jpg

His post-jail body snapback game though...Get it!

 photo ChrisBrownChrisBrownDJBennyBenassiFilmZ6ST1-A-nGql.jpg

The cameras were rolling as the "Sex You Back To Sleep" singer rode around on a bike to catch some fun shots of the R&B crooner.

And it wouldn't be a Breezy video without a few ladies in the mix:

 photo ChrisBrownChrisBrownDJBennyBenassiFilmL2saKCODYOxl.jpg

 photo ChrisBrownChrisBrownDJBennyBenassiFilmFu2IvurJGsDl.jpg

Based on the pics, the video looks like it will be something we'll be rocking out to for the summer.

 photo ChrisBrownChrisBrownDJBennyBenassiFilmNHXtp-o3eRel.jpg

 photo ChrisBrownChrisBrownDJBennyBenassiFilmQuclT-43zTEl.jpg

Behind-the-scenes, the "Loyal" singer met with a few kiddies that were on the set.

 photo ChrisBrownChrisBrownDJBennyBenassiFilmctO3ecabKhtl.jpg

Then, he stopped for a mini smoke break. This guy...

 photo ChrisBrownChrisBrownDJBennyBenassiFilmlrGW-B-QVZ9l.jpg

 photo ChrisBrownChrisBrownDJBennyBenassiFilmHMlezbZ5fn0l.jpg

 photo ChrisBrownChrisBrownDJBennyBenassiFilmNE8w1Gb2eG5l.jpg

The Grammy winner joined forces with DJ Benny Benassi for his new video treatment. Chris and Benny have worked on several hits together, such as “Beautiful People” off of his F.A.M.E. LP, and his track “Paradise.”

Any guesses on which track Chris is filming visuals for?

For another new project:



A photo posted by @chrisbrownofficial on


Chris announced via Instagram that he has a new documentary coming soon titled, "Welcome to My Life" along with the coverart. The tagline reads, “He went from being America’s sweetheart to public enemy number one."

If done properly, a documentary he is in full control of could be one of his smartest moves yet.

No official release date has been set, but we'll keep you posted.

Down in Atlanta....

 photo ker2.jpg

Singer-songwriter Keri Hilson stepped out to party it up with 112 at Aroma Lounge in ATL to celebrate their 20th year in the music biz.

A few days ago, Rap Up reported Keri was returning to the music scene with a new LP titled L.I.A.R and a new single called “Again.” But apparently, that’s not true…or at least it’s not official.

A source tells us that Keri has no idea how this information was sent out and that the artwork for the “Again” track wasn’t legitimate. We’re told Keri and her crew are in the process of trying to figure out how the information was leaked. It's unclear if she's actually releasing new music since she hasn't herself denied that new music was coming.

Back to the party...

 photo ker21.jpg

 photo ker1.jpg

 photo ker20.jpg

Keri had fun in her V.I.P. section snapping pics and grooving to the tunes.

 photo ker3.jpg

One of your fave boy bands from the '90s, 112, was all smiles as they celebrated their illustrious career with their fans.

 photo ker4.jpg

Bringing the coupledom fab, 112's Q Parker and his wife Sharlinda cuddled up during the festivities.

Fun times!


Photos: FameFlynet/ATLpics.net


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