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"Power" Drops First Season 3 Trailer -- They're Trying To Kill Ghost!

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Yasssss it's here!  Well, almost.  Season 3 of "Power" is right around the corner.  Get the first sneak peek inside....

Our summer obsession "Power" returns this July (no longer June).  So it's only right we now get the first sneak peek.  In the just-released trailer, we pick up in the middle of the street war that weaves through plenty of people and places.

We see the return of Andy Bean (Greg), Lucy Walters (Holly) and Jerry Ferrara (Joe). Of couse, Joseph Sikora (Tommy), Lela Loren (Angela), Naturi Naughton (Tasha St. Patrick) and 50 Cent are all returning.  And EVERYBODY seems to have it out for Ghost.  Either to get one over on him (when will they learn?) or to outright kill him.

It's hermano vs. hermano. Blood vs. blood. And blood vs. water. We're here for ALL of it!

Here's what to expect in season 3:

Season 3 finds James St. Patrick as the owner of new nightclubs, out of the drug game, and in a rekindled relationship with his first love, Angela (Lela Loren)—the AUSA sworn to bring him to justice. But just as they begin to believe James’ past criminal persona of “Ghost” may finally be behind them, both are forced to face the consequences of running from a life from which no one gets away clean—especially with the fate of Kanan (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson), and the motives of Lobos (Enrique Murciano) remaining a mystery.

James’ estranged best friend Tommy has just reunited with his newly returned love, Holly, but he must attempt the insurmountable task to not only rebuild Lobos’ devastated drug organization, but to kill Ghost—turning brother against brother.

With her marriage to James in shambles, Tasha (Naturi Naughton) adapts to life without her husband by her side. She’ll find new purpose with old skills while trying to protect her children from the repercussions of life in the drug game and Ghost’s fateful past decisions.

He’s on the verge of having everything he’s ever wanted, but will this new phase of James St. Patrick’s life end before it begins with old sins and the specter of “Ghost” coming back to haunt him? Be careful what you wish for.

Showrunner Courtney Kemp told "Entertainment Weekly":

“I really want to blow people’s minds.  I really want to pump more octane in to season 3. More things will happen and there’s more stimuli. It’s not that you can’t have quiet moments, but I want people to have this adrenaline-fueled experience at home.

We have that in movies all the time, but I want to reach in and make you have a reaction.”

Peep the trailer below:

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