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Tamar Braxton’s Alleged Friend Opens The Flood Gates On ALL “The Real” Drama + Co-Hosts Break Their Silence On Tamar’s Departure

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It’s getting REAL on social media with hot tea being spilled about all of the drama behind-the-scenes at “The Real.” Find out what Tamar Braxton's alleged friend had to say about being blindsided by her departure and find out what her former co-hosts have to say inside…

Over the weekend, rumors popped up that Tamar Braxton was fired from her hosting gig on “The Real.” Allegedly, it was due to her “diva ish” behavior and not testing well with audiences or advertisers. You’ll recall, Tamar hopped on Instagram where she wrote a lengthy cryptic piece Saturday evening about folks backstabbing her and people not always being who they seem.

Soon after the news started making rounds on these Internet streets, “The Real” issued a “joint” statement (on Sunday) confirming she was indeed leaving the show and that it was a mutual split. 

With news of Tamar leaving the show and her cryptic IG post, fans began speculating WHO she was talking about and started going IN on all of her co-hosts via their social media pages. Loni Love even made her page private over the weekend.

We heard Tamar stopped following Adrienne Bailon, Jeannie Mai and Loni, but she's still following Tamera Mowry Housley.

While the “real” reason Tamar was let go is still unclear (there are many theories out there), all of her co-hosts have taken to their social media accounts to show her some love.

Tamera hopped on IG today to wish her friend well and to express how much she’s going to miss her. Peep her tribute above.

Last night, Adrienne, Jeannie and Loni pretty much did the same. Check it:

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Meanwhile, Tamar’s alleged friend went OFF on Twitter last night up until today, spilling all the hot (alleged) tea. Here's the conveniently timed post from The Real that seemingly set him off:

We can’t confirm everything he said, but he appears to be credible for many reasons, based on things we know first hand.


In his tirade, he revealed “The Real” lied about the joint statement and that Tamar did NOT agree to leave the show. He also said Tamar DROVE (or at least provided her own transportation) to the set of “The Real” while others demanded car service. Not only that, she supposedly had to provide her own wardrobe and shoes because there wasn't enough money in the budget. OH?

Then, he threw some shade at one of the co-hosts who “unlocked her Instagram so y’all could see her post.” Hmm…we told you Loni set her IG post private over the weekend…and now it’s public again.

Peep his tweets (read from the bottom up):

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 photo tbf1.jpg

He’s not the only one who thinks Loni leaked this information to the blogs. Daytime television show host Wendy Williams speculated that Loni might have had something to do with this. (FYI -- The story first leaked on Love B. Scott and apparently he's friends with Loni)

During her show this morning, she said:




Photos: Instagram

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