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PARCHED? “Model” Roni Rose Caught Lusting After Steph Curry, But Says It’s NOT What You Think

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The Internets were all in a frenzy after “model” Roni Rose was caught looking at Steph Curry all seductively from the sidelines.   More inside…

Social media was on fire last night after the NBA Finals sidelines seemingly became a little thotty.  A chick was spotted courtside looking seductively at Golden Warriors baller Steph Curry during Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

The sultry shot took over our timelines with countless memes and captions calling the chick extra thirsty for staring down a married man the way she was. The Thotty McThotterson labels were running rampant.



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After the flick/video clip started going viral, the young lady in the picture is now speaking up. She’s “model” Roni Rose, a ring girl for #ConquerFighting who goes to tons of Warriors games – both home and away games – and has taken a few pics with NBA ballers that she has shared on her Instagram account. She also has “booking info” in her profile, so that may explain why she flies private sometimes.

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Anywho, she took to her IG page to address her lustful look at the Baby Face Assassin. She said the cameras caught her while she was just drinking her drink. She wrote: “Sooo I was just drinking my drink and this happened. I'm just giving the boys a little motivation I guess. Go warriors”

Motivation eh?

Check it: 



Well there you have it!

Her mother even chimed in on social media saying how sweet and nice her daughter is and that her boyfriend was sitting next to her the whole time.  Apparently that means she would never try to get at another man at that time...

By the way, the Warriors blew out the Cleveland Cavaliers with a final score 110 - 77. The Warriors are up in the series, 2-0. Game 3 will go down at the Q Arena in Cleveland on Wednesday, June 8th at 9pm EST on ABC.  Something tells us she may be booking her ticket as we speak...


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