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The 2016 BET Awards Memes That Had Us BOL!

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The Internet lost its chill during the 2016 BET Awards last night. And we’ve rounded up the top funniest memes that are making rounds on social media. Get your laugh on inside…

Our timelines were flooded with some hilarious memes from the 2016 BET Awards that had us cackling from the beginning of the show to the end. From Desiigner’s super high-energy performance to Bilal’s pre-sew-in braids and everything in between…we’ve got it all here.

Numerous memes featuring Desiigner looking like he caught the Holy Ghost popped up after his “Panda” performance. Perhaps, the funniest one would be the one with Fabolous side-eyeing the Brooklyn rapper as he made his way down the aisle (above). Fab hit up Twitter to explain:


Below are few other funny Desiigner memes:


 photo BETMEME12.png

 photo betmeme7.png

 photo BETMEME9.png

 photo betmeme4.png


Alicia Keys turned into a one-woman band for her performance of "In Common" and there was plenty of commentary on social media about how unsatisifying her performance was. The memes were even more humorous:

 photo betmeme3.png

 photo betmeme2.png

Beyonce opened up the BET Awards and then dipped off to make it to England for a performance set to go down tomorrow (June 28th). Folks had plenty to say about her early exit: 

 photo betmeme1.png

 photo betmeme8.png

 photo image3.jpeg

 photo BETMEME30.png

 photo BETMEeme23.png

 photo image6.jpeg

R&B crooner Bilal and his braids were the talk of the night and we can't stop laughing it up at these memes:

 photo BETMEME14.png

 photo image1.jpeg

 photo BETMEME20.png

 photo BETMEME18.png

We die!

BET CEO Debra Lee got caught wiping the side of her mouth and few amusing memes were created:

 photo BETMEME11.png

 photo BETMEME17.png

Hungry anyone?

 photo image8.jpeg

 photo BETMEME10.png

Birdman and Toni Braxton's coupledom pic got some "respeck" thrown on it.

 photo meme3.png

Someone came after "Empire" actress Taraji P. Henson's ensemble comparing it to a shattered iPhone screen.

And then there was a collection of memes about how white folks felt about the awards show, which aired across all Viacom networks:

 photo betmeme5.png

 photo betmeme6.png


 photo image7.jpeg

 photo BETMeme16.png

Chill is just missing on these internet streets...


Photos: Instagram

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