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RAPPER’S DELIGHT: Ice Cube Responds To Jerry Heller’s Death + Tyga's Bizarre Ferrari Repo Story + Drake & Thugga React To Wayne's Retirement

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We’ve got a round up of rapper news. Ice Cube weighs in on N.W.A.'s former manager Jerry Heller’s death. You’ll never guess how Tyga got his Ferrari back. Plus, find out how Drake and Young Thug reacted to Lil Wayne’s rap retirement inside…

Former N.W.A. manager Jerry Heller, the man who put the gangsta rap group on the map, reportedly passed away last week at the age of 75. Perhaps, he’s most known amongst N.W.A. fans as the man who stole money from the iconic group back in the day. Not only that, he filed a $110 million lawsuit against Ice Cube and NBC Universal for his portrayal in the blockbuster hit Straight Outta Compton.

N.W.A. pioneer Ice Cube was tapped to perform in Detroit over the weekend, but before he hit the stage, he sat down with news station Local 4 to weigh in on Jerry Heller’s sudden death.

"It's just ironic that I'm here tonight," he said. "We've come a long way, and you know, the passing of Jerry Heller is a thing, that's a part of life. You know, you come here to pass away. We're all going to definitely reflect on our time with Jerry, our ups and our downs."


Peep his interview below:

In other rapper news...

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Tyga got his red Ferrari back, but the way he got it back has to be one of the most bizarre stories we’ve heard all year.

We know he got it back because he posted a picture of it yesterday on his SnapChat. It was reported it had been repossessed. Although, he tried to say his girlfriend Kylie Jenner “hid” it from him after she copped him a new Bentley truck.

TMZ broke it down on how he got it back. See if you can keep up:

Here are the broad strokes: Some dude leased the Ferrari, but the car is so rare, he could only do it if he bought another car from the dealership that wouldn't be available for six months. The guy struck a deal with Tyga, who agreed to take the Ferrari and make the lease payments until the other car became available, and then he'd return it.

The guy who leased the car relied on another guy who relied on another guy to make the down payment, but the check bounced.

The Ferrari dealership put heat on the guy who signed the lease, who then demanded the down payment from Tyga. Tyga supposedly then paid the down payment to the middle man, but the money never got to the dealership. The guy who leased the car got pissed off and followed Tyga and Kylie to a Bentley dealership, where he took the law into his own hands and repo'd the car in the lot.

We're told Tyga's lawyer threatened the guy who took the car back with legal action, so that guy gave the car back to Tyga to drive for a few months.

Umm…yeah. TOO many things.

In other rap news...

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Lil Wayne announced his retirement from the rap game during his set at the Made In America festival. Now, rappers Drake and Young Thug are weighing in on Wayne leaving the rap game.

Thugga’s reaction (above) has us like....oh.

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And Drizzy's forever loyal.


Photos: Getty/Tyga's Snap

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