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Dr. Dre Warns Sony NOT To Air Michel’le's Biopic…OR ELSE!

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Dr. Dre has lawyered up and he’s ready to take Sony to court if they release Michel’le’s upcoming biopic that shows him beating the R&B singer to a pulp. Get the deets inside…

With less than five days before the premiere of Michel’le’s LIFETIME biopic, her ex Dr. Dre is issuing threats to keep the movie from seeing the light of day.

Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le is the TV film that will take viewers inside the life of R&B singer/former reality star Michel’le. She has always been vocal about her ex/son’s father Dr. Dre being abusive towards her in the past. And the movie will share all the grimy details. In the movie, Dre is a monster, punching Michel’le in the face and even pulling a gun out on her.

But, Dre isn’t having it.

Dre’s legal team fired off a cease and desist letter to Sony demanding they pull the film. And if they decide to show it anyway, Dre is taking them to court.  And we all know he will follow through on that ish.

In the letter, Dre reportedly DENIES ever abusing Michel’le when they dated 30 years ago. He said she never hinted at abuse or violent behavior from him, she never sought medical attention from the abuse and she never filed a police report. So basically, he’s saying it her word against his.

Last year, after much backlash for how Straight Outta Compton left out Dre's reported abusive behavior, he issued an apology to "all the women he hurt."

Dre’s legal team also issued a warning to Michel’le as well.  But we doubt the singer is scared.  She did an interview on "Wendy Williams" not too long ago and she said if Dre were to try to sue her, she would welcome it. She said depositions would have to be made (by her, him and friends) and that’s when the truth would come out.

This could get ugly.

Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le will premiere Saturday, October 15th at 8pm EST on LIFETIME.


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