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Lil Wayne Reportedly Just FIRED All His Publicists After Nightline Debacle

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Lil Wayne has gone on a firing spree after the Nightline debacle.  Get the latest inside...

Despite issuing an apology of sorts to "everyone he offended," Lil Wayne's recent "Nightline" interview still has folks shaking their heads. 

He displayed extra sporadic behavior and made remarks about how he's "not connected to Black Lives Matter."  He said racism can't possibly exist...because white people clearly like blacks if they made him into a rich black man.

He whipped out his red scarf at the end of the interview, reminded interviewer  that's he's a "gang banger," and said that's all he's connected to.  Then he ripped off his mics and stormed out.

Now, we've learned he tried to convince ABC not to air the interview before it ran this week,  He also claims he was pissed because Linsey asked questions that weren't "pre-approved."    TMZ reports:

"The rapper's camp sent the network several emails insisting the interview never see the light of day, but ABC never responded. We're told Wayne's rationale was simple -- the interviewer, Linsey Davis, crossed the line by asking questions he says were NOT pre-approved."


The network says that actually NOTHING was "pre-approved."  Linsey asked whatever she wanted because nothing was off limits.  The site reports:

"ABC News tells us nothing was pre-approved with Wayne's camp, and, "When it came to the questions and the topics of the interview nothing was off limits."

Needless to say, Wayne was pissed.  He reportedly fired all of his publicists.


Photo: ABC

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