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Dave Chappelle Jokes About Being A No Show In “SNL” Promo + Keke Palmer & DMX Shoot ‘PIMP’ Scenes + Will Packer Is Bringing A ‘Car Wash’ Reboot


Dave Chappelle makes fun of his past in a new “Saturday Night Live” promo with A Tribe Called Quest. KeKe Palmer and DMX are shooting scenes for upcoming indie film PIMP and Will Packer is gearing up to bring a Car Wash reboot. Deets inside…


Saturday night television will certainly be one for the books.

Comedy legend Dave Chappelle will be hosting tomorrow night’s “SNL” episode  for his grand return to sketch comedy. A Tribe Called Quest has been tapped as the musical quest. Yes, it's going to be epic. 

In the new promo, Dave pokes fun about not showing up to host the show after his disappearance from sketch comedy. We doubt he won’t show up, but it made for a funny promo spot.


Peep the clip:

We can’t wait to hear what jokes he comes up with for his return. These days, there is plenty of material to choose from and we could all use a laugh or two after this "election."

"SNL" airs tomorrow night at 11:30pm EST on  NBC.


On a movie set...

Keke Palmer has been talking about the indie film PIMP for a while now. It appears it’s finally been put into production after some set backs.

A picture of Keke and rap legend DMX popped up on social media as they shot scenes for the new drama. PIMP tells the urban love story set in the streets of the Bronx, according to IMDB. A struggling female pimp, named Wednesday (played by Keke), grows up learning all about the pimp game from her pops. Once he dies, she’s left to look out for her prostitute mother and her girlfriend Nikki.
This movie will definitely show us Keke in a whole new light as it seems she’s trying to get away from that “good girl image.”  We’re actually here for this one. 

In other movie news...  

Break out the afros, bell bottoms and black fists.  Producer Will Packer (Will Packer Productions) and ABC are bringing us a Car Wash reboot based on the 1976 film, originally starring Richard Pryor.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the comedy is described as a workplace comedy at the Deluxe Car Wash in L.A. that explores the family they built in order to survive as seen through one kid’s determination to create his own destiny. It will explore one man’s struggle to accept who he has become and the bonds they form in the workplace.

Matt Claybrooks (“Single Ladies,” “The Game,” “Everybody Hates Chris”) and Rob Horn (“Living Single”) will write the script for the project. Kenny Leon (“The Wiz,” “Hairspray Live!”) will direct the pilot and if it goes forward he will co-executive produce.  

At the carwash....


Photos: Screenshot/Instagram/IMDB




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