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All That Flexin’ On Social Media Got Soulja Boy ARRESTED, Cops Found A Gun In His Home

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Soulja Boy is learning the hard way not to flash his guns on social media. Someone tipped off the cops about his recent threats and now he’s in jail. Deets inside…

Soulja Boy has been acting a straight FOOL on Instagram recently. He's been involved in social media beefs with rapper Lil Yachty, Quavo from Migos and actor Shia LaBeouf. And while engaging in those beefs, Soulja has issued out several threats while posting up pics and videos on his Instagram account holding an assault riffle while talking trash to his enemies.

BIG sigh…

Well, someone tipped off the police that he was threatening folks online and now he’s in JAIL.

According to TMZ, law enforcement popped up at the “Crank That” rapper’s home in Hollywood Hills. After a search of his home, they found a gun inside, so they arrested him. Not to mention, Soulja is currently on probation for a gun case from a few years ago, so that didn’t help his situation at all. He wasn’t supposed to be around any guns, so yeah. No word on when (or if) he's getting out.

We noticed all his gun-toting pics and videos have been removed from his Instagram account.

He gets the Follywang of the Week Award for this.

Photos: Soulja's IG

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