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EXCLUSIVE: “Being Mary Jane” Star Raven Goodwin HATES The Curvy Girl Label, Reveals Her New Healthy Lifestyle

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“Being Mary Jane” star Raven Goodwin isn’t one for labels. She prefers to be her authentic self without having to be put into a box. The YBF chick also dished to us about her new healthy lifestyle. Get it all inside…

“Being Mary Jane” star Raven Goodwin is gearing up for the season 4 premiere of the hit BET series that’s set to premiere tonight. TheYBF.com caught up with the 24-year-old actress for a chat where she dropped a few gems that caught us by surprise.

For starters, Raven hates labels. Because, why have labels when you can just be you?

The YBF actress, who’s currently enrolled in film school, tells us that no matter what “label” people put on her, she’s going to be her authentic self.

“I don’t categorize myself,” she tells TheYBF.com. “I’m a woman. I’m a black woman. No matter my size, shape or whatever, my gift is to act. That’s my gift. That’s one of my many purposes that I’m going to live out and I’m going to accomplish.”

She continues,

“I’m just Raven. If I want to keep the weight, I’m going to work. If I lose the weight, I’m going to work. I love showing love to girls who look up to me who may be plus size. That’s what I’m here for. But at the same time, all of the labels make it difficult for us to just exist.”

So true. It's easy to get caught up in labels and then lose focus on what’s really important.

Her advice for young girls trying to make it in the entertainment industry? “Be authentic as possible.”

We’ve been stalking Raven’s social media pages, and she looks AHH-mazing these days. We had to ask her about her diet/fitness routine.

The YBF Chick tells us,

“I’ve been in and out of the gym. I do yoga from time to time. I was Pescatarian for two years and then I went on a bit of a meat binge. Now, I’ve transitioned into veganism. I’m going to try it for six months and see how I like it. I love cheese. I’m a cheese kind of girl, so I don’t know. I’ll probably end up being a lifelong Pescatarian nine times out of ten.”

We doubt she'll be going to any Waffle Houses anytime soon.  HMPH.

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With Gabrielle Union and BET settling Gabby’s multi-million dollar lawsuit (that she actually filed to help out her co-stars as well), what does Raven have to say about it all?

“I rock with Gab. I love Gab. She rocks with us. I don’t really know what’s going on. I’m just letting them work that out. I’m always going to rock with her.”

And since we love a good celeb crush around these parts, we had to ask Raven her TOP THREE celeb crushes.

“Idris Elba, Michael Ealy and then…I’ve always had this thing for Mos Def. I just love his swag.”


Check out Raven in the Season 4 premiere of “Being Mary Jane” tonight at 10pm EST on BET.


Photos: Getty/Raven's IG

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