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New Podcast Episode -- Natasha & Kamie Crawford Get REAL About Sex, Body Confidence & Business In Curvy Girlhood

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Over this Inauguration ish?  We've got something for you.  This one's for the curvy girls...and those who love them.  Model & former pageant queen with the most reckless mouth that we LOVE, Kamie Crawford, joins Natasha for the latest podcast. It gets SO real....


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Natasha invites her neighbor/"plus" model (she hates that label)/BET's "F'in Fabulous" star/former Miss Teen USA Kamie Crawford over for tea.  And by tea, we mean tequila.

The ladies are going IN about everything about sex with curves, bedroom confidence tips, relationships, men, internet dating, Instagram frauds, and of course, hot topics!

The ladies talk about men's best and worst zodiac signs (Cancers are gonna want to listen to this), relationship issues, sex for curvy girls, how to get confidence, why "Being Mary Jane" is COMPLETELY unrealistic this season, getting turned off from the idea of marriage and all the pressures, does Kamie really have a sugar daddy, why she’d never date an athlete, Natasha says men and women can’t just be friends as adults, why Natasha is terrified to date again,  how to leave an unproductive relationship when you’re scared you’ll never find love again, why certain women get hit on by married or taken men, why men cheat, are we still in the year of the ho?, and how overly sexed up Instagram models have ruined everything.

The ladies have a MUCH NEEDED talk about curvy girl issues:  Stretchmarks and why men LOVE them, Kamie spills tea about the plus sized modeling industry and the trickery they pull on consumers,  gives must-hear dating and sex confidence tips for when you don't feel you look A1, why some men hate bonnet sex and others don’t,  the disgusting (but kinda sweet) lengths Kamie's man went through to prove his love and more.

Also, Kamie drops tea about being in a wedding with The Weekend last summer, knowing Alexis personally (the chick Fetty Wap is in a sex tape with), why New York are horrible for dating, men that ghost you, is it ok to talk to a man ONLY thru DM and he never gives you his number?, why there needs to be an app to tell us a man’s penis size before we entertain him, and Kamie drops knowledge about her fave sex toy.

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