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Stacey Dash Got Fired From Fox News On Her Day Off

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No good deed goes unpunished.  The Conservative's biggest mouthpiece for PR stunts just got booted from the most conservative news network.  Find out about Stacey Dash getting cut from Fox News inside...

Just when Stacey Dash thought her job was secure with Trump getting into the highest office, not so much.

The Hill reports Fox News decided not to renew a few contracts, including hers.  Longtime political commentator George Will and Republican strategist Ed Rollins also won't be entering the Fox News building again, this according to a network spokesperson.

50-Year-Old Stacey was signed by the network in 2014 and appeared on the daily afternoon show "Outnumbered."

Not so coincidentally, Donald Trump blasted George Will, a Pulitzer-winning columnist, back in June after he left the Republican party:

If you haven't caught on to the dictator ways of our new POTUS, it's time to get woke. He's been monsterizing, belittling, and discrediting media since day one, something that dictators throughout world history have done when they know credible media can destroy their propaganda filled platform. It's the first steps to disbanding and controlling media in general. When that happens, those media properties no longer become the vehicles for information that the public needs. Trump's administration has an agenda, one directly in line with Fox News. In order for them to stay best buds, we wouldn't be shocked if Fox got rid of anyone who doesn't promote that agenda.

Further proof -- Fox hired a VERY vocal trump supporter on Friday as well. The Hill reports:

On Friday, Fox announced the signing of former U.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage as a contributor.

Farage is a major backer of Brexit and outspoken supporter of President Trump.


We also can't help but worry about another possibility. Was Stacey "let go" because Trump is making room for her in his least qualified Cabinet of all time? At the rate these Cabinet appointments are going....

Meanwhile, the Twitter dragging is very real.









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