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Nick Cannon Threatens To Quit ‘AGT' Over Racial Joke, But What About His Contract? + Victor Cruz Speaks Out After Giants Release Him

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Nick Cannon says he’s done with “America’s Got Talent” for treating him like a piece of property. But, will his contract allow him to quit? Get the details inside, plus how Victor Cruz feels about being let go from the New York Giants inside…

Things are shaking up at NBC after Nick Cannon announced he’s quitting his hosting gig on “America’s Got Talent.”

After hosting the show for the last 8 seasons, Mr. NCredible announced in a long Facebook post that he will NOT be returning to the reality competition series.

“I find myself in a dark place having to make a decision that I wish I didn't have to, but as a man, an artist, and a voice for my community I will not be silenced, controlled or treated like a piece of property. There is no amount of money worth my dignity or my integrity,” he wrote on Monday (February 13th).

He said he has enjoyed his time with the show, but he’s over NBC threatening to “put me in my place” for his actions.

“I have loved hosting AMERICA'S GOT TALENT for the last 8 seasons, watching talented, brave, and courageous Americans accomplish their dreams in front of millions has been nothing but a joy, and everyone has been a pleasure to work with but my soul won't allow me to be in business with corporations that attempt to frown on freedom of speech, censor artists, and question cultural choices. Not to get too detailed but this isn't the first time executives have attempted to ‘put me in my place’ for so called unruly actions. I will not stand for it.”

Nick said it’s not about the money, it’s about principles. He said he’s going to miss the fans the most. “It's never been about the money for me, what is difficult to walk away from is the fans, the people who love me on the show. This hurts tremendously.”

He continued,

“So I wish AGT and NBC the best in its upcoming season but I can not see myself returning.”

Read his full announcement below:

The 36-year-old host decided to leave “AGT” amid controversy over a joked he told during his recent Showtime stand-up special “Stand Up, Don’t Shoot.”

The joke that got NBC’s panties all in bunch? He said:

“I grew up like a real n*gga, but I honestly believe, once I started doing ‘America’s Got Talent,’ they took my real n*gga card. They did! Because then, like, these type of people started showing up to my shows.” Nick then pointed to three white people sitting in the front row. “I can’t do the real n*gga stuff no more because then they’ll put me on TMZ.”

He continued,

“I apologize white people. We over here talking about b*tches and players and stuff, and you think this is ‘America’s Got Talent.’ It’s going to be a little different tonight. ‘America’s Got Talent,’ but America’s got n*ggas too. Matter of fact, that’s what NBC gonna stand for tonight. N*gga Better Com On, ‘cuz n*ggas be cussing! So n*gga be careful.”


Network insiders told Page Six that executives never threatened to fire Nick.

Although Nick has made his up his mind he will not be returning to the show…will he really be able to quit?

The “AGT” host and the four judges signed contracts last August to return for the next season, which means he may not be able to resign for the upcoming cycle without encountering some legal issues. Guess we will have to wait and see how this will end.


Another celeb breaking up with an organization...



@teamvic looks back on his career in New York and how playing with the @nygiants was a dream come true.

A post shared by UNINTERRUPTED (@uninterrupted) on


After seven seasons with the New York Giants, NFL wide receiver Victor Cruz has been let go by the organization. The Giants reportedly let Cruz go to free up salary-cap space.

In a video posted on Uninterrupted’s Instagram page, Victor said he’s not upset about the released and reflected on the good times he had with the Giants. Peep the clip above.



It's interesting to note, Victor nearly missed the entire 2014 and 2015 football seasons due to injuries, but the team kept him on the roster. He returned to the gridiron in September 2016 and seemingly had a pretty good year and now they're releasing him.

Where will the free agent end up?

Photo: Trae Patton/NBC

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