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LEGAL WOES: Flo Rida Is Reportedly Being SUED For Not Paying Child Support

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A DNA test proved Flo Rida is the father, but he’s reportedly still not paying child support. The child’s mother wants him to pay up. Details inside….

Is Flo Rida a deadbeat dad? A woman in NYC believes so, and she’s taking him to court to prove it.

Apparently, the “My House” rapper, whose real name is Tramar Lillard, took a DNA test for a 7-month-old baby boy in December 2016 and it came out that he IS the father. The court documents explained she and the 37-year-old rapper started hooking up in December 2015 and their situationship lasted until mid-January 2016

But, according to the boy’s mom Alexis Adams, Flo Rida hasn’t acknowledged the child is his and he hasn’t paid a dime in support of his son.

Alexis’ son, Zohar Paxton, reportedly has some medical issues and she needs help with his medical expenses. TMZ reports the child has hydrocephalus, which means there’s some build-up of fluid in the cavities of his brain. Poor thing.

This isn’t the first time Flo Rida has found himself caught up in this type of situation. Back in 2014, a woman named Natasha Georgette Williams sued him for refusing to pay child support AFTER a DNA test proved the child was his. Hmph.

Sighs to it all.

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