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HERE WE GO AGAIN: Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife Mary Harvey Is Still Going IN, Says She Wants Justice!

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Steve Harvey’s ex-wife Mary Harvey is blasting her ex again, because she wants justice.  Get the tea inside…

Mary Harvey still has plenty to say about her ex-husband Steve Harvey. So much so, she posted up a series of YouTube videos to air out ALL of their dirty laundry.

We’ve heard it all (well most of it) before, but Mary is stopping at nothing until she receives justice and redemption.

In the series of lengthy clips, Steve’s 2nd wife talks about how the “Family Feud” host dogged her out and left her with absolutely nothing, including her son Wynton Harvey. She reveals she has never seen the final decree declaring their divorce as final, so as far as she knows, she could still be married to Steve. When she went to get a copy of the order, she says the courts told her the documents were “sealed.”

Mary also claims there was a gag order in place, but had never been served the paperwork. When she tried to get the 30-page gag order, she claims she was ran out of the courthouse. She says civil rights activist Essie Berry reached out to her about starring on a reality show with other ex-wives of Hollywood men, but she decided not to because of the gag order.

As for Wynton, she claims Steve had him taken from her and she still hasn’t heard from him in years. If her son tried to reach out, she says Steve would take his cell phone and computer.

Mary claims she was arrested twice…illegally. There was a warrant out for her arrest, she says, for not paying child support, but she was never ordered to pay child support.

Mary claims new wife Marjorie and Steve forged her name on documents and she wants what’s rightfully hers. Of course, she still claims Marjorie was Steve’s side chick during their marriage. And she says she’s confused how Steve and Marjorie claim to be Christians knowing they’ve ruined her life. By the way, she and Marjorie were NEVER friends.

Mary also claims if Steve and Marjorie had been adults about the situation and tried to work it out in 2005, all of this could have been avoided. She says she just wants redemption and justice for being the one by Steve’s side BEFORE the money and the fame.

Peep the clips below:


Do you feel like Mary is just bitter or does she make valid points?



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