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A Mississippi Deputy Sheriff Just Sued R.Kelly For Cheating With His Wife & Giving Her Chlamydia

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What in the Trapped In the Chlamydia Closet hell!? A Mississippi deputy sheriff says he caught his wife cheating with R.Kelly, and now he's suing the singer. Deets inside...

Before you start with your shady "Now she's not young enough to be his type" comments, get into this full story.

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A man named Kenny Bryant filed a lawsuit against R. Kelly on April 21st demanding damages for "alienation of affection".  He claims the singer seduced his wife into continuing an adulteress relationship, and it all caused him to lose profitable employment and his marriage.

Bryant says before he and wife Asia Childress wed in July 2012, she told him that she had a relationship with R. Kelly but had ended it.  Bryant says they clearly rekindled their romance, because she allegedly started seeing him again in October 2012 and contracted Chlamydia from him around that time.  It caused the married couple to not have sex for four months.  Bryant says Asia and R. have been seeing each other for the past 5 years.

Sheriff Deputy Bryant says Asia then convinced him that they needed to move to Atlanta for her job.  He obliged, but was unable to find "profitable employment" after doing so.  He also says he uncovered her underlying motive for moving was actually to be closer to R. Kelly.

“Each time R. Kelly would have a concert in a nearby state, Childress would disappear to unite with her lover,” the lawsuit said. “Time after time, R. Kelly cuckolded Bryant, with blatant disregard for Bryant’s and Childress’ vows.”

Here is the alleged Asia Childress named in the lawsuit, a pic taken from her alleged Facebook page:

 photo asia-childress-bryant_zps8ev808hg.jpeg 

Plaintiff Bryant claims that due to R. Kelly's persistent text messages (below) and seductions, his wife has requested a divorce.  He says he has suffered emotional, psychological and financial loss" due to the actions of the singer.

Here's the lawsuit in full, where Bryant is suing R.Kelly and 7 of his disolved and active businesses.  The text exchanges start on page 12. [Click here if you cannot view]




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