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EXCLUSIVE: Antonio & Pregnant Terricka Cromartie Get The Greenlight For Blended Family Reality Show

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It’s official! Antonio Cromartie and his pregnant wife Terricka Cromartie will be sharing the ins-and-outs of their blended family love in a new reality show. Deets inside…

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Last year, we told you NFL free agent Antonio Cromartie and his wife Terricka Cromartie, who’s currently pregnant again with his 14th child, would be getting their own reality show.

Now, TheYBF.com can confirm the show is actually happening.  And sooner than you think.

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Following news that Terricka will be giving birth to her husband’s 14th (no typo) child after Antonio allegedly underwent a vasectomy, a source close to the couple reveals to us they will be sharing their blended family love on an upcoming reality show in the coming months.  We also confirmed that Terricka's child from a previous relationship is included in the 14 number.

Production is in place and a network has already picked it up.

Now, it’s just a matter of time before they take over our televisions.

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When the couple first announced they were doing a reality show (while Terricka was pregnant with twins), the former "Candy Girls" star revealed the reason why they decided to put their lives in front of millions of people.

In an interview, she said they feel like the world has many misconceptions about them and they hope opening up their private life will change people’s perception of their unconventional family.

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We all know treading reality waters can be tricky at times. The show could possibly change people’s perspective about them, but it can also go all the way left.

Either way, the Cromarties will be sharing it all soon. With this new pregnancy, they’ll have plenty of material to share.

We'll be watching, if only to get the answers to two questions: Will Antonio's "vasectomy" be addressed? And, will any of the other children's mother make any cameos? Y'all know Antonio's baby mamas were trying to land their own reality show years ago.

Congrats again to the couple.


Photos: Terricka's IG

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