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EXCLUSIVE: Aja Metoyer Says She Did NOT Wreck Dwyane Wade’s Happy Home & Their Co-Parenting Relationship Is A1

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Whatever you think you know about Dwyane Wade’s son’s mother Aja Metoyer, think again. She’s telling her side of her “situationship” with the NBA baller and it may shock you. Find out what she told TheYBF.com inside…

When news broke that Chicago Bulls baller Dwyane Wade was having another kid and his girlfriend (now wife) Gabrielle Union wasn’t the child’s mother all hell broke loose. When the news surfaced, it was alleged Dwyane and Gabby had "taken a break" from their relationship when Dwyane and Aja created a baby named Xavier Wade.

Everyone was soon wondering…who is this mystery woman?  Was she the side chick waiting on the sideline to get called into the “game?” Was she a one night stand?

Now, we have an answer…and more.

Stepping into the limelight, D. Wade’s son’s mother Aja Metoyer decided to join VH1's “Basketball Wives,” along with her sisters, Melissa and Kristen Metoyer. She joined the cast, in the season now airing, in an effort to give her sisters exposure so they could capitalize from the opportunity to further their careers. She has a "break baby" (a term she hates) with D. Wade and she also shares two daughters with Damon Wayans Jr., son of actor/producer Damon Wayans.



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We chopped it up with Aja, who's busy working on her own athleisure collection, to ask some burning questions about her “situationship” with the married Chicago Bulls star.  Based on what she told us, their situation isn’t all that abnormal. There was no home wrecking involved, according to Aja. It boiled down to them being in the same circle and being friends for over a decade.

According to Aja, TV & movie star Gabby wasn’t a part of the equation when they hooked up.

“We share a lot of really close common friends, we’re apart of the same circle and been that way,” Aja tells TheYBF.com. “There’s a lot of respect there on both sides and I’m not a home wrecker, I’m not a mistress thinking my son is a price baby. I think my son is a child of god and a child.”

Their custody arrangement will stay underwraps as they have decided to keep that information confidential. She told us she can’t discuss it.

She did tell us that D. Wade is very much in his son’s life and there aren’t any limitations on when he can see his son. In fact, Aja and D. Wade have formed a great co-parenting relationship.

“He [Dwayne Wade] is an amazing person and there’s a lot of contrasts and similarities between both fathers, like they’re very amazing. They [D. Wade and Damon Wayans] love children, they’re both great, great, great fathers. I feel like I could not have picked better fathers. I think that like I have so much respect for the both of them, you know? And that’s basically, I just feel like in a father’s persona with both of my kids, I couldn’t have asked for more.

She continued:

“I would say the reason that we will always win and we have won thus far is. Everybody wants their kids to be good, like beyond good and to be healthy and to be stable and that’s the, at this point that’s the driving force with every relationship. It’s the kids.”

We’d like to note, Aja never mentioned Gabrielle Union's name and there doesn’t seem to be animosity between the two.

“I’m not a side chick. I’m not a home wrecker, you know, I’m not the new millennium Jezebel. I am a very active mother and a dedicated mom. I’m a good person in my heart. I will literally sacrifice myself for you.”

We all know how people may tell false truths to get whatever they want and Aja seemingly got caught up in some mess. Due to the timing of how things played out, it’s quite possible that half truths were being told when they got together.  It all depends on what you choose to believe.



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Despite having preconceived notions about Aja, do you think she just got caught in the middle of relationship drama OR do you still think she knew what was going down the whole time?

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