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Diddy & Wendy Williams SQUASH Their Fiery Beef + Puff Gushes Over Cassie & Opens Up About Biggie’s Death

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Diddy and Wendy Williams have ended their feud. Peep their reconciliation, plus see Puff blush while gushing over his girlfriend Cassie and why trusting you gut is important inside…

It’s no secret Diddy and daytime TV host Wendy Williams had beef.

It all started during Wendy’s radio days while she was a radio personality for HOT 97. While rocking the airwaves in 1998, Wendy alleged that Diddy was gay. The Bad Boy honcho worked his magic behind-the-scenes and had her fired from HOT 97.

Now, that’s all behind them. Diddy appeared on the “Wendy Williams Show” today in a Givenchy suit and YSL shoes to promote his recently released documentary Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.

Diddy set the tone of the interview early, showering Wendy with praise for being a vet in the game and one of the first people to report on black culture/Hip Hop. It’s obvious they previously hashed out their differences and made amends. And we’re her for the black unity.

Switching gears, Wendy gets into Diddy’s love life where he gushed that he’s so in love right now. Yep, Cassie is the love of his life.

“It’s just like when a record comes on, the way she moves,” he spilled. “When I look at her the way she smiles. The way I see her look at me sometimes when I wake up and she’s already awake, ya know?”

While he said he’s madly in love, he’s not quite ready for marriage yet. He feels like marriage is a serious commitment and he just wants to be sure he’s fully ready before he jumps the broom.

He said he lost a lot of his spirit due to all of the trial and tribulations he has gone through.

“I really just started understanding how to love himself and to focus on what’s important. I have to get myself together, before I’m really ready for that because that to me is something very serious. And one day I hope that I find that.”

He said he wanted to find "it" within himself before he committs to a woman for a lifetime.

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The Bad Boy honcho reflected on his biggest regret in his friend, The Notorious B.I.G.'s death. He said he always feels some sort of responsibility because Biggie was supposed to go to London that night and he let him talk him into staying in L.A.

“That’s something that really bothered me throughout my life. Sometimes you really have to go with that decision in your gut. That’s one of the things I regret, not making sure he went to London.”

Later, Diddy reveals why Craig Mack didn't join in on the reunion, how he fell in love with all three of his baby mamas and more. Peep the interview below:

Photo: Wendy's IG

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