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ESPN Issues Apology For Jemele Hill's ACCURATE AF 'White Supremacist' Tweets About Trump, Colin Kaepernick Defends Her

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Y'all, folks are trying to come for Jemele Hill's neck because she stated facts about Donald Trump's white supremacist ways. Now that her boss ESPN has gotten involved, Colin Kaepernick is coming to her defense...

On September 11th, ESPN SC6's host Jemele Hill had some things to get off her chest.  She's been pretty outspoken about our current administration, as well as the injustices in sports, i.e. Colin Kaepernick and the like.

For some reason, her calling out of Trump's documented support of white supremacy made certain folks lose their minds.  Trump supporters started dragging her through the Twitter mud and threatening to boycott ESPN for her "racist" rhetoric.  Yes, HER "racist" rhetoric.

Here's what she said:


AFter folks lost it and blasted Jemele to no end, ESPN issued this statement attempting to distance themselves from Jemele's (accurate) tweets:

Whatevs. It's amazing that these up-in-arms folks are outraged by Jemele stating facts about Trump's disgusting, insensitive, narcissistic, racist and sexist ways, then they are about Trump's ways.

Colin Kaepernick, who Jemele has defended since day 1 of his protests, is supporting her:

Jemele's fellow co-host, Michael Smith, also responded to a hater:


Plenty of the Twitterverse is #TeamJemele as well.

Keep your head up, chick!


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