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Can The White House Find Some Business And Leave Jemele Hill Alone?

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Let Jemele Hill LIVE! The ESPN co-host is caught in the crosshairs of the White House after she called Donald Trump the white supremacist many would say he is.  Now, Jemele and others are speaking out....

Earlier this week, Jemele Hill took to Twitter, per usual, to voice her opinions about #45.  She argued that complicity is co-signing, and we all know that Trump has either said not enough in opposition to white supremacists being emboldened to make public displays of hate these days, or he's actually said supportive words.

Either way, Jemele equates the current POTUS to a white supremacist.  And instead of being mad at Trump's actions that led folks to come to this understandable conclusion, the White House and Trump supporters are calling for Jemele to be fired.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stood at the White House press conference podium yesterday and actually called for the firing of a private citizen, a person in the media.  So there was nothing else of worldly importance to talk about?

If this isn't a dictatorship in the making....

Let's all remember that Obama (and probably neither Bush for that matter) never called for the firing of the MANY private citizens or media folks who dragged his citizenship status, family, character and everything else through the mud with lies.

But the extra sensitive Trump is telling his people to issue threats, using his position of power.  No wonder ESPN quickly distanced themselves from her statements.  Their parent company, Disney, is headed by Trump supporter Bob Iger.  So....go figure. (And yes, we're aware he recently quit Trump's advisory council.)

The "SC6" co-host issued a (forced?) statement late last night apologizing for painting her employer ESPN in a bad light even though she speaking on her personal Twitter:

And she shared a new profile piece about her and co-host Michael Smith's amazing work they've been doing for ESPN (and the network's ratings):

There's plenty of folks coming to her defense, which we love to see because y'all know how folks can be when a black woman is being put through the ringer.

This time, though, there's way less crickets & tumbleweeds and way more outspoken support from journalists to D.L. Hughley to Cari Champion and more:


My #NABJSTF brothers always have my back @chrisbhaynesnba @marcjspears @mrmichaeleaves @galengordon @mikecwright

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And Darryl Strawberry, please shut it.


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