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Kevin Hart Publicly Apologizes To Wife & Kids For Being Extorted Over Sexually Suggestive Video

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Kevin Hart is caught up in some ish.  He posted up a video late Saturday night apologizing to his pregnant wife Eniko Hart and kids for being involved in a sexually suggestive video a woman is attempting to extort him over.  All the details inside...

Reportedly, someone has been threatening Kevin with the release of a video that will definitely lead the public to believe sex went down. 

Kevin doesn't admit anything happened, but he's apologizing for even being the situation.  He also says "he has a target on his back."  Interesting that he knows this, yet still puts himself in these positions.  Yeah, you're not the victim here Kev.

Here's the tea:

Sources tell TMZ a woman has allegedly demanded money from Kevin after shooting a video with him in which Kevin and the woman are engaged in "sexually suggestive" conduct. We are told it is NOT a sex tape, but looks like it is a prelude to sex. We're told that at a point in the tape when the action is the heaviest, you cannot actually see Kevin.

Kevin's rep is issuing a twisty denial saying he was set up...but doesn't deny he participated:

A rep for Kevin tells us ... "Someone tried to set Kevin up in a failed extortion attempt. As law enforcement is involved, we cannot comment further as it could affect the investigation."


It's unclear if this is related to that other video from a couple months ago that was quite sketchy, involving Kevin kiki'ing with a woman outside his hotel at 5am.  he denied that and laughed it off as nothing.

It's also unclear when this video currently being discussed was shot.  But it sounds like a doozy:

Sources who have seen the video tell TMZ there are several clips. The first appears to show a woman and Kevin in a club getting cozy. The tape then cuts to a bed, where you don't see the people in the bed ... but hear creaking and  what could be people having sex. You never see Kevin in the 2nd clip. The 3rd clip shows 2 people milling around a room, one of them looks vaguely like Kevin.


The person is reportedly demanding Kevin pay up to prevent its release.  So he taped this video to get in front of this messy ass situation:



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What do y'all think Torrei Hart is doing right now?  We know her comments are LIT though:


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