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EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Peter Gunz Tells Amina To Share The Blame In Sharing His Community D With Tara

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As if Peter Gunz's community D slangin' self couldn't get anymore WTF-worthy, he's now telling his wife Amina Buddafly she needs to take some of the blame for his love triangle with Tara. Does he have a point?  Get our exclusive sneak peek inside...

"Love & Hip Hop" couple Peter Gunz and Amina are still trying to work out their relationship that was doomed from the start.  The couple, who share children together, did an exercise on tomorrow night's episode of "Marriage Boot Camp" where they discuss their balls of issues.  Amina threw him the infidelity ball -- of course -- and Peter proceeded to tell her she should take 5% of the blame.  Why?  Because she knew about his relationship and cheating with Tara before they even got married.

Amina swore he told her it would end once they got married, apparently because a piece of paper magically cures one of their cheating ways. 

Other couples even agree that Amina knew what she was signing up for with Peter's ex still in his life.

Plus, drama ignites when Amina starts to realize she’s in a lose-lose situation with Peter. By the way, Peter continues to sneak behind Amina’s back to talk to Tara even while on this show.  Of course.



New episodes of "Marriage Boot Camp" air Fridays at 9/8C!

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