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Plies FLAMES Papa Johns For Blaming NFL Protest After He Lost $70M + Flavor Flav Legit Just Turned Up With Comic Legend Stan Lee

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Plies had to serve up some truth serum to Papa John's after they made claims that the NFL protest has caused their sales to decline. Hear his hilarious dragging, plus peep pics and videos of Flavor Flav and Slick Rick at Comic Con inside….



Leave it to Plies to tell it like it is…straight talk, no chaser.

Apparently, Papa John’s founder and CEO John Schnatter publicly stated that the NFL protest is causing sales of the NFL’s “preferred pizza” to decline.  His stock prices dropped severely in a matter of 1 day, causing him to lose $70M in his net worth calculations. 

Mr. S said it's the NFL's fault for not "settling their protest debacle. “The NFL has hurt us by not resolving the current debacle,”  John Schnatter told Forbes.

Well, rapper Plies got wind of his comments and decided to hilariously clap back.

Plies said the NFL protest has NOTHING to do with declining sales. He blames the declining sales on their nasty tomato sauce and un-fried wings. HA! Peep the funny clip above.

And don't cry too hard for Mr. Schhnatter.  According to Forbes, he's worth over $800M. 

In celeb spottings...

 photo flavcon3.png

Rap icon Flavor Flav and his clock hit up Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con festivities. And look who he ran into: Slick Rick! When the rap gawds link up!

Flav was also rubbing elbows with comic book writer/Marvel icon Stan Lee, the man of the hour, and will.i.am:



My man @therealstanlee,, That’s right,,, Mr. Stan Lee here at Comic Con,,, #StanLee #flavorflav

A post shared by Flavor Flav (@flavorflavofficial) on




Flavor and Stan Lee. @stanleecomiccon #FlavorFlav #Havingfun #comiccon2017 @therealstanlee

A post shared by Kate Gammell (@kategammell) on


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Later, will.i.am and the Black Eyed Peas hit the stage for a performance:



Fun times.

Photos: Screenshot/Flav's IG




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