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We’re Going To Need Malia Obama To Get New Friends – Another ‘Smoking’ Video Leaks Out, Ivanka Trump & More Defend Her

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A video of former First Daughter Malia Obama blowing smoke rings has surfaced thanks to her “friends.” Receipts inside…

Former First Daughter Malia Obama is living it up as a Harvard University student. You know, doing what regular college freshman do. But, when your father used to be the President of the United States, any and everything you do will be criticized.

Apparently, the 19-year-old Harvard student was blowing “smoke rings” in a bathroom and one of her friends thought it was a good idea to post the video on Snapchat. In the video, Malia is seen what appears to be smoke from her mouth in which her friend captioned, “F*cking get your camera right now.”

Check it:

Damn she needs new friends. Why would they post this online, knowing it'll cause a sh*tstorm in the media?

The crazy thing is, she's doing what plenty of other college kids are doing, but her father's presidency makes it seem worse than it actually is.  And let's not forget, she and her sister were picture perfect throughout their teen years while in the White House.  Let Malia Live!

Even Ivanka Trump is coming to her defense:


See some of the other reactions to her video on Twitter below in response to Trump supporters and the like dragging her for filth:







Oh, and get this...

Malia hit up her first Harvard-Yale football game last week and it was a special one for her. The former First Daughter was spotted lip locking a mystery guy while pregaming with friends outside of the Yale Bowl on Saturday. And some sneaky spies caught her kissing a guy on the yard:


Get your life Malia. Eff the haters.

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