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Former ‘BBW: LA’ Star Brandi Maxiell BLASTS Husband Jason Maxiell For Cheating…Once Again

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Former "Basketball Wives: LA" star Brandi Maxiell just aired out her husband Jason Maxiell's dirty cheating laundry on social media. Receipts inside...

When it comes to Brandi Maxiell and her husband Jason Maxiell, that saying that goes, “Once a cheater always a cheater,” seems to apply to their relationship.

When we first met Brandi on “Basetball Wives: L.A.” a few years ago, her main storyline was working things out with her NBA baller hubby Jason who had cheated on her previously. Based on a few posts she put up on Instagram (and eventually deleted), he’s back to his old ways.

The 34-year-old reality star put her husband on FULL blast with three separate posts about his alleged infidelity.

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“Everyone go follow my F*cked Up husband I can’t seem to because he likes to follow b*tches!,” she captioned one post.

Basically, she’s sick of his BS and she’s on some “f*ck it” type ish now. Peep the other posts below:

 photo bandij2.png

 photo brandij1.png

Do you think she'll take him back again?




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Photos: VH1/Brandi's IG

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