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EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Coogler Says ‘Black Panther’ Is The Denzel Washington-Will Smith Movie That Never Happened

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Director Ryan Coogler turned Black Panther into a film he never got to see as a kid. Find out what he told TheYBF.com about how this film measures up to a few Hollywood titans, plus find out how Black Panther took over the box office last night inside…

It’s the BIGGEST movie of the year and we’re only in February. Trust, Black Panther is set to do some amazing things at the box office and we can already see the Oscar nominations to come.

Director Ryan Coogler made sure he created the movie of the year even before we knew it was going to climb to such astronomical heights. We sat down with the 31-year-old film director to pick his brain about all this all black cast came into fruition.

The award winning director told us, for him, Black Panther is like that Denzel Washing/Will Smith movie he never got to see as a kid. He knew THIS was his opportunity to create that magic with stars like Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan on the big screen.

“Coming up in the 90s, we had like three of these male stars that could front any kind of movie,” he told TheYBF.com's correspondent Unique Chapman. “They can act, they can do action, they can be funny, they can be funny. It was Denzel [Washington], it was Will [Smith] and it was Wesley [Snipes] and they were never in a movie together for whatever reason.”

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“Like for me, this was like the opportunity,” he continued. “Chad can front his own movie. Mike can front his own movie. I had the chance to make that Denzel/Will Smith movie I never got to see.”

Hmm…do you agree? Are Chad and Mike the Denzel and Will of our time? Or, is it too soon? Tell us in the comments.


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Y'all showed up and showed out for Black Panther's preview last night!

Marvel's superhero film raked in a whopping $25.2 million this morning, making it the 2nd best Thursday preview ever for a Marvel film following Avengers: Age of Ultron ($27.6M). Black Panther beat out Captain America: Civil War, which brought in $25 million. Woot!

Here's a look at how real-life YBFers are killing it at the theaters.  Extra AF, and we love it:





In case you missed, check out what Ryan Coogler told us about ONLY wanting daughters after filming Black Panther HERE.

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