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EXCLUSIVE: Michael Blackson Is NOT Nixing This Kevin Hart Beef, Desperately Asking ANYONE To Train Him To Fight Kev

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Michael Blackson breaks down his beef with Kevin Hart to TheYBF.com, BUT he clearly forgot to use that (much stronger) accent Kev has been saying is fake. Hear what the comedian sounds like without his signature accent, plus find out how he’s trying to find anyone to help him train to “fight” his fellow Philly comedian inside..

Comedian Michael Blackson, who's from Philly by way of Ghana, has been coming at Kevin Hart’s neck ever since his whole cheating scandal hit the fan. The Philly comedian has been going in on Kevin via social media non-stop and it got to a point where Kevin got upset and addressed Mike’s jabs during an interview with Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club.” He was mad that Mike would use a situation that's so sensitive to him to crack jokes about.

Since the Jumanji star addressed Mike, that hasn’t stopped him one bit. In fact, he has been using Kevin quite a bit for his online material.

YBF Correspondent Shayla Raye caught up with the comedian on the carpet during BET’s inaugural Social Awards to ask him what’s really good between him and his fellow Philly comedian.

Watch what he told us above.


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Mike is seemingly trying to take his beef with Kevin OFF social media and in these streets...but not really. He hit up a mutal friend, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, to ask him if he would train him to fight Kevin. See their exchange above and below.


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The Rock said he's not getting involved because he's cool with the both of them.

"Ok you muscle face, steroids taking, I get dumbbells for Christmas looking beech i will find a new trainer and when I’m done with that little neega he’s going to smell what the rock is cooking modasucka," Mike captioned.

However, that' STILL hasn't stopped Mike. He hit up boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and KO High Boxing founder Marvin Columbus for some training tips as well:


So I asked this modasucka @floydmayweather to train me and guess what he said?

A post shared by Michael Blackson (@michaelblackson) on




What should my boxing name be? Thanks for the lessons @marvincolumbus

A post shared by Michael Blackson (@michaelblackson) on






Back in the gym just in case I really have to fight this neega

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He even got helping from fans with coming up with a boxing name:



My haters have arrived

A post shared by Michael Blackson (@michaelblackson) on


Ha! This guy...

As of now, no word from Kevin about "boxing" Mike.

Photos/Video: Getty/@Minniways_Productions

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