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Warriors Skip White House Visit, Take Kiddies From Kevin Durant's Elementary School To National Museum Of African-American History!

 photo warriorswhitehouse.jpg

Golden State Warriors skipped out on the White House visit that’s tradition when a team wins the champion. Instead, they took a group of kiddies from Kevin Durant’s elementary school to the African-American History Museum. Peep pics and videos from their visit inside…

Look at those smiles!

The Golden State Warriors was more than happy to visit President Barack Obama at the White house after winning the 2015 NBA championship. But, you won’t see the Warriors flooding the White House halls this year.

Instead, the NBA players celebrated their 2017 NBA championship by taking a few students from Kevin Durant’s elementary school to visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture this week.

 photo warriorskids.jpg

You may remember Trump "disinviting" them AFTER Warriors baller Steph Curry had already said he was not attending. Not sure how you disinvite someone after they already announced they weren’t coming, but whatevs.

It was a special visit for player Kevin Durant as he returned to his old stomping grounds.

“I just want them to take it in,” he told the Mercury News. “I want them to meet Steph and Klay. Kids from my area don’t really get that opportunity to be in front of champions like that. Hopefully it inspires them to be whoever they want to be in life. Hopefully we set a good example. I know we set an example every time we walk on that court and every time we walk around. It’s going to be cool to be up close and personal.”

“Kids from my area don’t really get that opportunity to be in front of champions like that,” Durant said. “So hopefully it inspires them to just be whatever they want to be in life.”

Aww! So sweet.

Peep a few clips of the Warriors hanging out with the kiddies below:




 photo warriorskids2.png

Fun times.



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