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This Upcoming Rachel Dolezal Documentary Is About To Be A Whole A** Mess

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Transracial chick Rachel Dolezal has trolled herself into a whole Netflix documentary, and no one seems to be here for it.  That includes at least one of her sons.  See the trailer and foolishness inside...

While there are tons of LGBTQ (y'all know Rachel now claims to be sexually fluid), racially and culturally marginalized stories out there the world should get to see and hear, Netflix went and picked up this one.

After Rachel Dolezal was exposed back in 2015 for faking her blackness while being a leader in her local NAACP chapter, she never backed down from being, or "identifying as" a black woman.  Despite the fact she was born to two white parents.  And the fact she's clearly not biologically black.

Some folks defended her for simply identifying how she wanted to identify (and for some reason some blacks felt proud that she wanted to identify as black).  Others said she was taking cultural appropriation to an epic level, and she would never actually experience what a black woman - who is biologically black and born to at least one black parent - experiences.  So she shouldn't have the privilege of identifying, or speaking on behalf of, the black woman.

Yep, the woman who gentrified blackness is still being talked about.  Rachel and her braids (she's now a hairstylist as well) will be telling their story in a new Netflix doc called The Rachel Divide.


At least one of her sons is clearly sad and not here for all this intrusiveness.  Yet, she continues to allow filming to take place.  Loni Love actually revealed that she noticed this about one of her sons when Rachel appeared on "The Real":


Here's how the documentary came to be:

Filmmaker Laura Brownson (behind the award-winning 2011 documentary Lemon) spent two years filming Dolezal and her two sons to reveal the complex personal motives behind Dolezal’s transracial identity — while also chronicling the fury and disapproval that continue to follow her every move. And next month, the director’s vérité-style feature documentary The Rachel Divide is set to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival before arriving on Netflix on April 27.

“In making the film, I came to a deeper understanding of the raw nerve that Rachel hits in our society, but I also learned that her motivations to identify as she does are far more complicated than most realize,” Brownson tells Vulture. “Regardless of how people feel about Rachel, I hope the film will challenge audiences to think more deeply about race and identity in America.”

We think BET's "The Rundown" host Robin Theade sums it up perfectly:


Here's what Rachel and her fam has been up, to by the way:

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