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Blac Chyna & Boy Toy Rock Matching Outfits On Shopping Date + Chyna’s Mom Tokyo Toni Is REAL Mad

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Blac Chyna has been busy living her life with her extra young boy toy YBN Almighty Jay, but has she forgotten about her mother Tokyo Toni? Hmph. Find out inside…

We’re still not convinced these two are an actual item. Dude looks like he packs Gogurt before leaving the house. But, we’ll go along with the story until we find out otherwise.

Blac Chyna and her aspiring rapper boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay are out in these LA streets doing what couples do. The 29-year-old mom-of-two and the 18-year-old were spotted rocking matching outfits, holding hands looking like they're on their way to a PTA meeting.

They trekked through Beverly Hills on ANOTHER shopping spree, this time to Macy's, and then to lunch. We wonder who was pulling out their card the most during this little retail run? Hmph.

There’s a rumor going around on social media that Almighty Jay is paying Chyna to pretend to be his girlfriend in an effort to gain more notoriety. It’s definitely working because we’ve never heard of him, but they’re still not convincing us it's real. Even if they don’t use condoms. His words, not ours.

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While everything seems to be going swimmingly in her love life, her relationship with her mother Tokyo Toni seems to be strained.

Apparently, Tokyo is supposedly homeless living out of her car and she's asking followers to send her donations. We're not exactly sure what happened between Tokyo and Chy, but clearly something went down. In an Instagram video, she bashed a "daughter" who's rich that will not help her mother:



“If you were rich, funky, stinking a** famous rich AF," Tokyo said in the clip above. "Where you can buy anything you want. When you can just get up and take a trip to Dubai—that rich, what would you do for your mother? If your mother was humble, worked hard for hers her entire f’n life. What would you guys do for your mom? Would you set her up or would you put her up? Exactly what would you do?”

Then, she showed us how much money she has to her name:



Did she forget Chy bought her a new house and a new car last year?


She also put up a video bashing chicks who get plastic surgery, i.e. her daughter Blac Chyna:



What's really good Mama Toni?

Photos: Splash/Backgrid


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