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THE SHADE OF IT ALL! Roseanne Barr Gathers Wendy Williams’ Entire Life With Ex-Husband Clapback

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Roseanne Barr may have thrown THEE most shade at Wendy Williams she has ever felt. She got the daytime talk show host all the way together. See how it went down inside…

Who knew Roseanne Barr could be SO shady?!

Chile, Roseanne did not come to play with daytime talk show host Wendy Williams this morning, OK?

Following last night's debut of the “Roseanne” reboot, the show’s starlet stopped by to chop it up with Wendy about the premiere and everything else.

Apparently, Roseanne’s ex-husband Tom Arnold was asked by The Hollywood Reporter to write a review of the “Roseanne” reboot. Wendy asked if she and Tom were in a good space, in which Roseanne said they were not.

She was about to go into detail, but stopped and said she couldn’t talk about it. The veteran actress made a Harvey Weinstein joke, likely trying to change the subject, but Wendy kept with her ex-husband questioning. That’s when Roseanne had to gather Wendy's life.

“I don’t like talking about husbands, right Wendy?,” she asked.

The SHAAAAADEEEEE of it all! And y’all KNOW what she was talking about.

See Wendy’s reaction when Roseanne pops back below:


#RoseanneBarr just shaded the hell out of #WendyWilliams.

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Wendy has yet to confirm or deny those cheating rumors that have been swirling around about her husband Kevin Hunter. Wendy’s husband has been spotted on several occasions with his 32-year-old massage therapist/alleged side chick(?) Sharina Hudson.  It's reported he even copped her a house a few miles from the home he shares with Wendy and their son Kevin Jr.  He's been seen at that house and all around town with Sharina, for yers, and his name is also on the mailbox along with hers.




Photo: Wendy's IG

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